About i-on

i-on Edinburgh magazine launched in 2005 and was followed by i-on Glasgow in 2007 and i-on Aberdeen in 2014. i-on reaches a niche market of urban professionals through a dynamic network of distribution points where the magazine is available free for pick up.

The quality editorial, design and advertising with a local lifestyle focus has made i-on a trusted source of information with a loyal readership who seek out the magazine regularly.

www.ionmagazine.co.uk is a natural extension of the i-on brand, offering visitors an authoritative view of each city, with current news, views and offers making it the ideal website for locals and visitors alike.

i-on is brought to you by a dedicated and knowledgeable team: 


Laura Cully, Director

laura cully

What's your role at i-on?

I oversee editorial and production and have a general interest in anything to do with the growth of the business.

Why do you live in Scotland?

Proud, confident and honest what's not to love? If it was 10 degrees warmer we'd be onto a real winner.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I've a penchant for recipe books, Pilates, sandy beaches and Spanish wines  (ok, I don't worry too much about the country of origin). Love my family too.



Jo Morris, Director

Jo Morris

What’s your role at i-on?

I oversee the sales department and look for business development opportunities for i-on.

Why do you live in Scotland?

All the obvious ones: it's beautiful, the people are open, honest and warm. It's home. But as a business owner it's also a land of opportunity. Entrepreneurs are encouraged and supported and doing business here is a pleasure because people are true to their word and you can trust them. 

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I used to love eating out a lot but since becoming a mum to my son Luca, my favourite thing is to hang out with my little man. Combining fine food and a toddler is challenging but I give it a go!


Nicky Howden, Editor

nicky houdenWhat's your role at i-on?

As editor of i-on, my role is very varied and includes everything from forward planning the content of the magazine, commissioning editorial and fashion stories to writing, editing and proofing. I’m also involved in the production side of things and look after the pagination of the magazine as well as imagery. No two days are ever the same and that’s the way I like it.  

Why do you live in Scotland?

I've been fortunate enough to live in Venice and Florence during my student years but nowhere comes close to Scotland for me. From its stunning and diverse landscape to its colourful history, world-renowned culture and food and drink, Scotland has it all. I was born and bred in Edinburgh, and at times I forget how lucky I am to live in such a beautiful city.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

Of course I love to write but when I'm not working or in research mode, I love to travel, socialise, eat out and shop. My fiancé and I have a chocolate Labrador called Leo, so I'm now somewhat of a keen walker and spend a lot of my spare time trying to tire my two year old pup out in some of the capital's walking spots… with a seemingly endless amount of energy and a love of meeting new people (and stealing balls) he certainly makes walks a lot more interesting!


Susie Cormack Bruce, Lifestyle Editor

What's your role at i-on?

I look after the lifestyle content within the magazine, with a special interest in beauty and fashion.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I’m originally from Glasgow but I spent the formative part of my career in London and Birmingham working in television. When an opportunity presented itself to come home in 2000 I took it and I’m still here and still loving life in Scotland.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

Spending time with family and friends – especially if there’s a decent glass of wine on offer.



Dean Newton, Features Editor

dean newtonWhat’s your role at i-on?

The short version is that I do my best to make sure all of the magazine’s content is as engaging as possible. On a daily basis that can mean anything from writing hypocritical features about why beards are rubbish to researching Scotland’s craft beers, it’s a tough job but someone (me) has to do it.

Why do you live in Scotland?

My lovely fiancé and I moved back from London a few years ago now and I’m still seeing the city with fresh eyes and a renewed appreciation. I think there’s been a bit of a cultural and culinary revolution over the last decade in Scotland and it’s a great time to live here.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

My very favourite thing to do is hang out with my one year old son and cracking little family. If they’re busy then you’ll find me in my man-cave with a glass of wine making music or out with friends ‘researching’ beers.


Rebecca McCosh, Digital Editorial Manager

rebecca mccoshWhat’s your role at i-on?

Heading up the website, it’s my job to bring you daily updates on what’s happening in your area and beyond - researching, writing and curating quality content to inform and inspire. I also look after the newsletters, delivering the latest lifestyle highlights straight to your inbox. Plus, you’ll find me over on social media - Facebooking, Tweeting and Instagramming a fast-paced mix of news, views and trends.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I moved to Scotland as a student, fell in love with the place and never left.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

In the summer I try to pack in as many surf sessions and barbecues as possible. Scottish winters, on the other hand, were made for hearty home-cooked meals and ‘80s movie marathons.


Paul, Designer

paulWhat’s your role at i-on?

I design i-on magazine every month, a job I've taken great pleasure in since I joined the company in 2008. It’s great visiting so many venues and stores across Scotland and seeing my work on the shelves and counters.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I was born and raised here.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

Being dad.




Susie Lowe, Photographer

susie loweWhat’s your role at i-on?

Photographing the great and good of Scotland as well the most stylish places and delicious food.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I’m an Edinburgh native but I’ve spent time living overseas as well as London and the South Coast. I came back to Scotland for a weekend in 2005 and haven’t left.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I’m lucky enough to love my job and my work is pretty varied, I get to travel a lot and there’s never a dull moment. When I’m not working it’s the simple things that make me happy; being at home with my family, watching my son play rugby and taking him to see Scotland play at Murrayfield, meals and drinks with friends, yoga and swimming.


Amy Falconer, Account Director

amy falconerWhat’s your role at i-on?

I work closely with both new and existing clients to develop and deliver effective marketing campaigns both in the magazine and online.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I am a home body and am very close to my family and friends. I hate to be away from them for too long and am always there at the drop of a hat when there’s something going on.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I love getting out and about in the city, enjoying everything Edinburgh has to offer so i-on really is the perfect place to work for that. 


Zoe Schmid, Head of Creative Solutions & Brand Development

Zoe SchmidWhat’s your role at i-on?

I’m responsible for creating commercial partnerships which offer relevant content for our readers and deliver against our clients' objectives at the same time. I also look after any event based activity and media partnerships.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I grew up in Scotland but was drawn to bright lights big city and moved to London when I was 18. Twenty years later I decided I wanted to come home and have never looked back. Edinburgh is such a fantastic city with so many bars and restaurants and such a buzz about it, yet you can be by the sea or up a hill in no time at all. I know I’ll never leave now.

Other than i-on what do you love doing? 

I have a wee Fox Terrier called Dougal so I love hanging out with him and going for walks on the beach. I’m also really enjoying exploring up here, whether eating and drinking out in Edinburgh or taking a road trip up the west coast and taking in the spectacular scenery – it’s so magical up there!


Eloise Leeson, Business Development Executive

About i-onWhat's your role at i-on?

As a business development executive I reach out to new and existing clients based largely in the food and drink sector and support them in creating powerful marketing campaigns both online and in the printed magazine.

Why do you live in Scotland?

Scotland is home for me – but even if it wasn’t, the natural beauty of the land would be a huge draw. From Glencoe to the beaches of the Hebrides and the moonscape of the north Highlands, there’s so much that takes your breath away. Living in the Central Belt is great, too. Fantastic food and drink, fierce pride and a sense of family. It’s got everything you could want. Except midges.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I love lifting weights at my local CrossFit gym, eating as many tacos as I can lay my hands on, hanging out with my family and binge-watching Gilmore Girls, generally with a glass of wine in hand.


Becky Conway, Traffic & Distribution Manager

About i-onWhat's your role at i-on?

I look after artwork and distribution, and also support the advertising, digital and editorial teams. A bit of everything!

Why do you live in Scotland?

I was born here, my family and friends are here and the scenery is stunning.

Other than i-on what do you love doing? 

I tend to head to the coast for long walks at the weekends, then get cosy with a boxset and some delicious food. I adore reading magazines and discovering new publications. I also love taking advantage of the arts scene in Edinburgh, catching the latest exhibition, or a movie at the Filmhouse.


Cath Tait, Finance Manager

About i-onWhat's your role at i-on?

I’m the Finance Manager which I’m learning has many other roles thrown in.

Why do you live in Scotland?

I’m Edinburgh born although I lived overseas when I was younger. Scotland is home, I’m a very proud Scottish lass and I love all our traditions. Although I do wish our weather was a little more stable and we didn’t have to dress for every season every day.

Other than i-on what do you love doing?

I’m kept busy with family life but when I do have time for myself I hit the gym. I’m lucky to live on the East Coast line and enjoy walking the dogs on the beach. That’s when I really appreciate just how gorgeous our country is.

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