Is Glasgow's city centre biting back?

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Could Miller Street be on the verge of stealing Finnieston’s culinary crown as the top food destination in Glasgow? Susie Cormack Bruce chews it over.

Memories of Miller Street, just off George Square, will mean different things to different readers of different ages. For some, it will inspire fond memories of Glasgow’s former stationery mecca CF Nash (where you could famously buy Christmas cards in June) or as a favourite taxi pick-up point at the side door of the long-gone Littlewoods store. For others, it will be hedonistic nights out ordering at the bar of Max Headroom or Fixx. Fast forward to 2017 and Miller Street has become a bona fide dining destination, with the openings of Paesano Pizza(main image), The Spiritualist and The Spanish Butcher (pictured below) moving in to join long-standing resident, SoHo. Add to that mix, the proximity of neighbouring offshoot Virginia Court, home to Brutti Compadres and Cup/Gin 71, and for the first time in a long time, Finnieston may find itself faced with a rival in your appetite’s affection.

I say may as Finnieston’s culinary dominance will continue for a while yet - the recently opened Alchemilla sees to that – but, looking forward, it will be surprising if Miller Street doesn’t capitalise on its burgeoning culinary cache by welcoming more restaurant openings. It has a number of unloved sites crying out to be transformed into Glasgow’s latest ‘must dine’ destinations. And the existing offering is varied enough already to satiate most appetites. At The Spiritualist you’ll find Scotland’s biggest gantry with over 300 spirits on offer and an inspired cocktail list; perfect if you fancy a daiquiri before you dine. Brutti Compadres or the afore-mentioned Spanish Butcher offer great dining with an Iberian twist and for an excellent Afternoon Tea, Cup in Virginia Court hits the spot. There’s a double helping of pizza at SoHo and Paesano and, if you’re looking to break out the chopsticks, the Korean flavoured, Seoul is a great place to do so.

There’s a definite buzz around Miller Street and if a few more local, quality, independent eateries were to be added to its mix, just maybe we’d have another major dining destination worthy of the same reputation as our riverside favourite.

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