Six things you didn’t know about Pancake Day

Six things you didn’t know about Pancake Day

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It’s Shrove Tuesday on 28 February so practice the perfect toss and impress any foodies with these fun pancake facts…

  1. Pancake Tuesday (or Shrove Tuesday as it’s commonly known) is a Christian event. It started as a way to use up leftover fatty (and luxury) ingredients such as milk, eggs and flour before Lent fasting starts on Ash Wednesday.
  2. If you can toss a pancake and keep it in one piece try beating the world record and flip it more than 349 times in only two minutes.
  3. Mike Cuzzacrea ran the New York marathon in 1999 in three hours, two minutes and 27 seconds while tossing a pancake.
  4. In total, Brits use an incredible 52 million eggs on Pancake Day. That’s 22 million more than any other day.
  5. The largest pancake ever made measured 15 metres in diameter – you’ll need a lot of sugar and lemon for that one.
  6. The most watched pancake related video on YouTube is Pingu making a pancake mess of his igloo. He’s had over 14 million hits to date. Watch it here:

Words: Aimee Stanton

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