Our top five New Year’s resolutions

Our top five New Year’s resolutions

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Instead of vowing to lose weight or exercise more, try an alternative resolution that you're actually motivated to keep this year. Here are our favourite New Year's resolutions for 2017...

  1. Pause before posting – it’s too easy to overshare on social media and your boss really doesn’t need to see you posing in front of your bathroom mirror.
  2. Print more photographs – scrolling through an album on Facebook is slightly less nostalgic than flicking through an actual photo album.
  3. Quit the gym – rid yourself of feeling guilty about spending money every month and pound the pavements instead, should you feel the need that is...
  4. Start a bucket list – decide on 10 things you’d really like to do and get on to them.
  5. Toss the ‘toxic’ friends – anyone who makes you feel bad about your life/weight/hair needs to go.
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