Top five UK wellness retreats

Top five UK wellness retreats

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Need a break from the rat-race? A wellness retreat might be just what you need. Here Sarah Ormerod counts down five of her favourites.

Eco Yoga Scotland

This tranquil riverside retreat is a hidden yogi gem. Set in magnificent Scottish scenery, the ecoYoga Centre is totally off grid, powered by a 550Kw hydro turbine and solar panels.


Running the Highlands, Aberdeenshire

Providing recreational runners from with the opportunity to enjoy the stunning Scottish Highlands, pick your challenge suited to your holiday timeframe and budget.


Jelley Legs, Yorkshire

Spend a week with Dave Jelley in the tranquility of the Yorkshire Dales and take advantage of his expertise in long distance running.


Grayshot Health Spa, Surrey

Voted 14th best destination spa worldwide, Grayshot is one of the UK’s leaders in natural therapies.


G I Jane Bootcamp, Kent

A residential women only week long course of high intensity physically training supported by an expert team of councillors and personal health coaches. 

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