Are you a pensions ninja?
< 1 Min
We know pensions can be quite confusing, especially with talk of changes to pension tax relief, changes to the age you can access your pension and all the other jargon associated with it. Do you think you could cut through it all with your knowledge on pensions? Are you a pensions ninja? Morton Fraser created this little quiz for you to find out just how much you know about pensions…
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Top 10 tips for landlords and tenants
7 Mins
Arden Property Management is celebrating 10 years in business. To mark this milestone, we asked them to share their top tips for pain free rentals. Here they give us 10 of their best for...
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How to Feng Shui your home
4 Mins
Knowing your yin from your yang through the ancient eastern art of Feng Shui could help to create a whole different energy in your home . Here, Colin Wong, owner and design director of...
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Colin Wong’s top interiors tips
3 Mins
Colin Wong, creative director of Development Direct , Edinburgh, explains why he swapped the showrooms of Gucci for the private homes of Scotland. “I was born in Scotland of Asian descent...
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Matt Paton
2 Mins
After graduating University with a law degree Matt Paton realized that he didn’t actually want to enter the legal profession but instead wanted to work in the family business - Chelsea...
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Shoppers Guide to Pad Lifestyle
< 1 Min
Offering a wonderfully curated cornucopia of home treasures, wardrobe candy, gifts and collectibles from around the world, PAD Lifestyle in the New Town really is worth the visit. Bigger...
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Follow the yellow brick road with Morton Fraser
1 Min
You’ve decided to sell your house. Your new dream home is just over the rainbow… but where do you begin? The team at Morton Fraser provide full estate agency advice and services, so they...
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Banned from bedrooms
3 Mins
You may be forgiven for thinking this article was written by an agony aunt. I’m probably not the best qualified to give relationship advice, however I do have very strong and well-founded...
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