How to Feng Shui your home

How to Feng Shui your home

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Knowing your yin from your yang through the ancient eastern art of Feng Shui could help to create a whole different energy in your home. Here, Colin Wong, owner and design director of Development Direct, shares some basic tips on creating the perfect Feng Shui environment.

Feng Shui, literally translated as wind and water, works on the Yin (passive) and Yang (active) components of energy to create the perfect balance of ‘chi’ (energy) to achieve comfort, harmony and balance on our lives by the ‘art of placement’.

Practised through many generations, the actual principle of Feng Shui takes years of study and is extremely complex, but there are lots of proven case studies of its success, and many people in the Far East would never dream of purchasing a home without first consulting the advice of a Feng Shui master.

“I personally design interiors with the basic principles of Feng Shui in my mind,” says Colin. “Designing a space that is capable of enhancing your state of mind and mood as soon as you enter is central to the principles and this is the most powerful form of design. Well considered designs are always mood altering and interiors using the principles of Feng Shui are usually calm and peaceful, which is what the modern day family needs to balance today’s hectic lifestyles.”

Allowing positive energy to flow is an essential principle of the art so one of the easiest ways to install a bit of Feng Shui into your home is by de-cluttering, paying particular attention to under the bed and in the entrance hall area.

When designing any new space, consider how you want to feel in the space and don’t simply choose designs that follow a current trend. A well considered scheme will result in a timeless space full of harmonious energy.


Three ways to create good Feng Shui in your home

  1. The bedroom should be a place of sanctuary with as little furniture or clutter as possible. Positioning your bed is also a very important consideration. Avoid positioning it under any structural beams that ‘cut’ through your body, or within view of mirrors. Also try and position your bed so that it is far from the door and don’t place water features in your bedroom.
  2. The bathroom is often regarded as an essential area that allows the escape of positive energy, so when redesigning a bathroom it is critical to avoid positioning of the WC in direct line of the front door. By avoiding sharp corners or angles that create ‘piercing daggers ‘and by introducing more sensual curves this will allow energy to flow with more ease.
  3. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, this room has a key role to play in family life with positive energy and nourishment. The functional working triangle works well with Feng Shui principals but the hob and sink should never be placed right beside each other due to the conflicting elements of fire and water. A well positioned kitchen island promotes good chi and prevents you from having your back to the incoming energy flow. Keeping the kitchen clean and uncluttered with appliances and gadgetry out of view will also enhance the overall feel good energy of this pivotal room.
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