Dr Nestor on the science of ageing

Dr Nestor on the science of ageing

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Aesthetic medicine offers a range of options to redefine the process of ageing. Dr Nestor gives the lowdown.

Combining science and art: aesthetic medicine is the study of beauty and the understanding of how we age. We’re all programmed to identify the beauty in our surroundings and in turn, the beauty in youth. Restoring natural volume and contours, such as enhancing cheekbones, softening harsh lines and lifting sagged areas can maximise beauty potential by restoring the character of youthful features.

Our skin loses hydration, collagen, elasticity and tone with the passing years and our fatty tissue (think of beautiful plump cushions giving structure and lift to our faces) starts to descend and lose volume, the result is sagging tissue and deepening folds. We also see many bone changes with age; the angle of our jaw progresses from 94 to 120 degrees, this makes our chin, and therefore our face, become shorter.

By taking into account what the years bring, or rather take from us, we can use different treatments to slow down the process and ultimately redefine and take control of how we want to age. It’s not about looking 20 years younger but rather looking incredible for your age and softening the signs of ageing in a natural way.

Treatments can be in the form of wrinkle relaxing injections, dermal fillers, Silhouette Soft Thread Lift, and skin health. Each have their strengths and can address a specific concern but always tailored to you. Dr Nestor has spent most of his medical career studying the process of ageing and providing expert solutions to ageing concerns. Before embarking on your aesthetic journey; take a free, no obligation consultation to discuss what possible options might suit you.

To find out more and explore the aesthetic treatment options available, call Dr Nestor’s Edinburgh clinic. Consultations are free of charge and treatments are tailored to your specific concerns.

Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre, 53 Dundas St, Edinburgh, EH3 6RS, Tel: 0131 467 1450, www.drnestor.co.uk.

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