The latest high tech beauty innovations
2 Mins
Technology has revolutionised many industries, but so far, the home beauty business has been relatively unreceptive to its charms. However, with technology giants eyeing up the potential profits of the market, following the success of the Dyson hairdryer and Clarisonic range, our beauty regimes are about to go super-powered. Tech-savvy skincare Clinique was one of the first premium beauty brands to dip its well-pedicured toe into the at-home technology market...
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Top 10 most iconic beauty looks
5 Mins
After a particularly messy break up (he was a no good, cheating scumbag if you must know) I thought the best way to bounce back would be to ditch the dark brown tresses (boring, safe, dull...
beauty / make up / transformations
February’s front cover: Get the spring look
3 Mins
If, like us, your Vitamin D deprived selves have been screaming out for some sort of reassurance that spring will soon be here, don’t worry. We made it our mission to make the front cover...
spring / make-up / get the look
Skin benefits: The secret to body brushing
4 Mins
Susie Cormack Bruce explains why the latest beauty and grooming trend, body brushing, is a cost effective way of keeping your skin looking tip-top as the temperature drops... At this time...
Body brushing / beauty / Trends
The best luxury beauty advent calendars
4 Mins
The traditional chocolate advent calendar should be banned from the i-on office because quite frankly we have zero willpower. If we start the day with a festive choc hit, it’s a slippery...
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Edinburgh’s best nail bars
8 Mins
Whether you want an elegant French manicure, a coating of leopard print or a raver-friendly UV gel, we’ve got the lowdown on Edinburgh's best nail bars. So in no particular order, here's...
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The best luxury grooming essentials for men
2 Mins
Put some of the pleasure back into men’s grooming by disposing of the disposables and upgrading your kit to some heirloom-quality luxury. After all, you’re worth it. The razor Beautifully...
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High-brow views
4 Mins
Has anyone else’s enjoyment of the Cold Feet reboot been ruined by James Nesbitt’s eyebrows? As much as I attempted to catch up with the characters’ lives today, I’ve been constantly thrown...
eyebrows / Benefit / soap & glory