Skin benefits: The secret to body brushing

Skin benefits: The secret to body brushing

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Susie Cormack Bruce explains why the latest beauty and grooming trend, body brushing, is a cost effective way of keeping your skin looking tip-top as the temperature drops...

At this time of year it’s tempting to hide pasty appendages under long-sleeved knits and opaque tights. But, thanks to body brushing, those neglected limbs can now be liberated. Dry skin brushing naturally exfoliates the skin by brushing away dead cells to reveal healthy new skin under those ashy-looking patches. It also gives your skin a brisk wake-up call by boosting circulation and lessening the appearance of cellulite – something you’re sure to be thankful of come summer.

Start brushing at the soles of the feet then, using long, sweeping strokes, work up towards the heart, putting extra effort into the tummy and thigh areas, and brush all the way to the chest. I stop at the neck as I like to use a facial exfoliator there but that’s purely a personal choice. Initially, body brushing isn’t the most comfortable thing to do and it does take a few goes to find your rhythm and preferred pressure but. However, with a bit of practice and perseverance, you’ll become addicted to the energising tingle and no-product-required softness of your skin.

You’ll find good quality skin brushes at Boots and The Body Shop but for ease of use and great value, the Liz Earle Natural Active’s natural bristle body brush, £8.50 (pictured above), has a detachable long handle to help access hard-to-reach places like the back and shoulder blades, and a hand strap to secure the brush when needing more control. Just remember not to wet the brush or your skin. The brush must be used dry and three to four times a week for the full benefit.

If body brushing isn’t for you, Scottish skincare company ishga does a Hebridean Sea Salt & Oil Scrub, £15 (pictured above). Packed with unrefined Hebridean salt - which retains over 60 naturally occurring trace elements including potassium, magnesium and zinc – it delivers velvet skin and smells amazing. So rich is the oil content that no moisturiser after showering is required but the range offers an equally delicious Invigorating Body Lotion, £35, should your skin be especially thirsty.

Alternatively, you could add a couple of drops of body oil to your usual body moisturiser. Garnier’s Ultimate Beauty Oil (pictured above) is a great budget buy at £5.25 from Superdrug, or opt for the cult multi-tasking Nuxe dry oil (pictured below), £17 at Boots, which can give a little added insulation to your body, face and hair. Winter proofing in a bottle? Not quite but, just as in winter dressing, that extra layer does help when facing the elements.

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