Trending: Sheet masks
3 Mins
They may make you look like the main protagonist in a horror movie but Susie Cormack Bruce reviews the Korean beauty staple that’s become an A-list beauty obsession for fresh party ready skin. Once upon a time, informing friends of your planned night between the sheets would be met with a raised eyebrow. Today your proposed nocturnal activity is more likely to elicit some envious oohs and ahhs – the...
Sheet masks / beauty trends / skincare
Tried and Tested: Linton & Mac Style Bar
1 Min
Taking inspiration from celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Linton & Mac ’s style bar makeover has upped its game in delivering a wow-factor service to clients. Now one year old, it boasts...
Linton and Mac / tried and tested / hairstyling
So solid crew
1 Min
There’s a quiet revolution going on in the men’s fragrance world and it’s wax based. Solid colognes are gaining fans daily. The long lasting scents, rather than drying out skin, contain...
cologne / grooming / fragrance
Vitamin Infusion facial: Tried and tested
2 Mins
There’s no escaping the fact that basking in the summer sunshine feels great. As the warm sun hits your face, it’s easy to forget about the damaging UV rays and its acceleratory ageing...
Vitamin Infusion facial / DermalClinic / review
Tried and tested: Double cleansing
3 Mins
Double cleansing may be the new beauty buzz phrase but, as Susie Cormack Bruce explains, there’s nothing new about it. I don’t know about you but my daily cleansing routine wasn’t really...
double cleansing / skincare / beauty
Tried and tested Skinade
2 Mins
When I heard about Skinade , a collagen-based skincare drink, I just had to give it a go. A product that cares for your skin from the inside, it’s full of micronutrients and hydrolysed...
Skinade / review / skincare
i-Lipo Ultra at The Beauty Room Edinburgh
4 Mins
I always presumed my post partum stomach would shrink back to its former self. However, one large baby and a C-section later and my once best asset was left resembling a sad deflated...
beauty room / salon / anti-ageing therapy
Tried & tested
2 Mins
Tucked away in the west of the city, in the leafy suburb of Corstorphine, lies a new beauty salon with a story to tell. The brainchild of local girl and beauty expert Loraine Thomson,...
body treatment / Facial treatment