Valentine’s Day surprises at Topman
2 Mins
This one’s for the guys that never learn. You know who you are. The ones whose partners drop hint after hint for a full two weeks at the beginning of every February yet who still fail on the Valentine’s Day front. This year, however, there are no excuses. Those helpful chaps at Topman are making it nice and easy for you – they’re giving away a free plant with every...
Topman / valentine's day / style
2 Mins
In our quest to get to know the names behind Scotland’s top blogs, we talk with John Robertson, editor and creator of The Everyday Man , the style blog that became his full-time job in 2014...
John Robertson / The Everyday Man / Men's Fashion
1 Min
Save your pennies by mixing directional high street pieces with designer mainstays to stay seasonal and stylish without breaking the bank. Round lens sunglasses Main image, above Topman...
menswear / fashion / trainers
The definitive guide to killing it in a kilt
5 Mins
With St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay and a flurry of weddings on the horizon, there’s been chat amongst the men in the i-on office about investing in a decent kilt. Sure, they know a thing or two...
Highlandwear / kilts / menswear
Men's November fashion fix
1 Min
We take a look at the latest fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe this autumn. American Innovation For the fifth year running, GQ magazine partners with Gap to create a capsule collection...
fashion / menswear / accessories
Eye on Cragg & Tail
3 Mins
As with any profession no matter your field, it always pays to have a "side hustle" to balance out the normalcy of the nine to five. For Edinburgh's own budding entrepreneur Craig McKellar...
Cragg & Tail / menswear / fashion
Autumn Kicks
1 Min
Kit your feet out in style - we reveal the latest trends in men's footwear. Star Trainers Dune have done a damn fine job with the latest menswear collection but we’re loving the £80 Tricks...
menswear / shoes / fashion
Men’s Autumn Fashion Fix
1 Min
Farer Frobisher II Named after Martin Frobisher – a British explorer famous for his pioneering voyages to the New World in search of new lands and valuable treasures. Farer watches are...
fashion / Autumn / menswear
A man's guide to Highland dress
2 Mins
Got an invitation to a formal event and thinking of going all out with full head-to-toe Highland attire? We’ve enlisted the help of David Hughes, a guy who knows a thing or two about tartan...
Highland dress / kilts / formalwear
The expert rules of bespoke tailoring
8 Mins
Let’s face it, buying a made to measure or bespoke suit can be slightly daunting. Moving past off the peg offers an unfamiliar layer of choices, far beyond the age old shopping dynamic of ‘...
tailoring / menwear / suit