The Nomad Barber

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Miguel Gutierrez is a barber, filmmaker and photographer with a passion for travelling. Combine them all and you get a web series on YouTube which documents the barbering trade around the world.

What came first, the barbershops or travel blogging?
I opened my barbershops after coming back from my first trip; this created a brand people knew they could trust, and business keeps getting busier.

What have been the most memorable moments and places?
Probably hanging out with a Nepalese barber called Suresh, in Pokhara. We really got to know him well, hung out at his house and ate with him. India and Turkey are probably the most influential places I’ve visited; they have the most incredible energy and buzz.

Had any sketchy experiences on your travels?
We somehow ended up at a guesthouse in Kathmandu where a MacBook was stolen. The guys in the guesthouse paid for our flight to be changed so we could stay and find the kids who stole it. It turned out they were local gangsters; we got an insight into their crazy lives over the next few days.

You went to the Calais jungle, how was that?
People were very receptive to us and lots of hair was cut, although we didn’t film it all. The experience was overwhelming but overall it was amazing.

What’s been your most liked video?
Baba the Cosmic Barber; it’s been reposted and gone viral so many times now. He must be seen to be believed.

Top three travel tips?
Pack light, smile and plan, plan, plan.

What’s next for the Nomad Barber?
We’re launching a product range in 2017 and are currently planning more trips.

Find out more and watch the web series here

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