Elph’s Edinburgh

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Exhibitions, installations, animations and demonstrations are all in a day’s work for Edinburgh artist, illustrator, painter and animator Elph. Internationally lauded on the street art scene, his distinctive style can be found anywhere from galleries and wall murals to virtual 3D spaces. We caught up with him to find out a bit more.

What are you working on right now?
Today, I’m finishing up some artwork for a comic cover and working on a design for a mural.

Have attitudes changed to street art?
I think so; people seem a lot more open to it now, maybe because it’s publicised more and folk can relate to it a little easier.

Is there a single piece of work you’re most proud of?
I find it hard to pick out one specific piece. But maybe the murals painted in the cycle path tunnels going through Drylaw a few years ago, just because they took so long and we were able to add a lot of detail.

Where can people see your work?
My website is www.akaelph.com but there are more updates on Instagram @elphone.

Elph’s Edinburgh

My best Edinburgh places

Favourite restaurant?
Nonna’s Kitchen; my mate Gino runs it and we’ve known each other since we were teenagers, so it’s always good to catch up.

Where in the city do you go for a quick escape?
Cammo Park or the Pentlands are good for a break from the glow of the computer screen.

The city’s best kept secret?
The Japanese Garden at Lauriston Castle.

Best place for a date night?
Movie at the Cameo and then food at the Blackbird.

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