Location Scotland: The setting for iconic films
6 Mins
The camera pans across a dusky misted heath in Glencoe as a line of sinister-looking invaders advance upon James Bond’s abandoned family home, Skyfall Lodge. The assault continues inside and Albert Finney’s trusty groundsman character, Kincade, takes aim and blasts at the intruders, “Welcome to Scotland.” End scene. That’s called a ‘button’ by the way, one of those sharp and witty bits of dialogue that closes off the scene. The...
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The Chistmas advert everyone’s talking about
2 Mins
The big brands have been fighting it out year after year for the title of most tear-jerking, warm-fuzzy-feeling-enducing Christmas advert. In fact, watching the mini festive feelgood films...
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2 Mins
It’s the rare time of year where couch bound laziness is actively encouraged. Here’s where to find some great viewing ‘on demand’, perfect for a binge watch film session. Apocalypse Now...
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Flix pix: The best of Netflix this month
1 Min
Sit back, put your feet up. Netflix is spoiling you for choice this month. Tallulah (Film, pictured) – Available now Ellen Page stars as the drifter whose impulsive maternal instincts form...
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Top 10 most binge-watched movie series
8 Mins
You’ve been busting your ass in the office all week, looking forward to some hard-earned time off work. And now, with the weekend on the horizon, you know just how you’re going to spend it...
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Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016: The highlights
5 Mins
From features and shorts to documentaries and animations, the Edinburgh International Film Festival celebrates its landmark 70th edition this year with the very best in filmmaking and...
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Cannes Film Festival blockbusters
1 Min
Some of the world's most innovative pioneers of the silver screen are descending upon the French Riviera for Cannes Film Festival. While Cannes isn’t all about blockbusters, the top three...
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Top 10 Netflix series binges
6 Mins
Love the unrivalled comfort of settling into a boxset so good that “just one more episode” are the only words uttered for five hours of square-eyed zone out bliss? We’ve pulled together a...
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