How to take the perfect selfie
2 Mins
How do you fancy being showcased on our Instagram ? It’s simple – just grab a copy of the latest i-on magazine, pose, pout then post your photo to us using the hashtag #i_online . Need a little inspiration? Here are our top tips for the perfect selfie. Think about the composition Sure, the floor to ceiling mirror and subtle lighting of the nightclub rest room might make for a...
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Top 10 most inspirational women
6 Mins
Mother’s Day is as good a day as any to celebrate the sisterhood so we’re counting down the most inspirational women of all time. From scientific pioneers to sporting greats, each of these...
inspiration / Women / Mother's day
Apply now for Scotland's best summer job
< 1 Min
How do you fancy spending the summer jumping on bouncy castles, playing laser tag and racing around on quad bikes… and getting paid for it? It could actually happen. Inflatable Hire...
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i-on magazine, March 2017
3 Mins
London, New York, Paris, Milan – it seems unfair that neither Edinburgh nor Glasgow feature on the list of global fashion centres. I mean sure, we might be more well known for our boozing...
i-on magazine / What's on / march 2017
i-on wants an amazing salesperson to join the team
3 Mins
Media Sales Executive, salary up to £24k plus OTE up to £36k We need exceptional sales people to sell amazing advertising and marketing solutions to loyal and new clients (and since i-on is...
i-on / vacancy / media sales executive
3 Mins
Forget hygge; nothing warms a winter night better than a good bout of shouting at the telly. Fortunately, I’ve had plenty of opportunity to exercise my lungs of late, thanks to BBC2’s The...
i-on magazine / February 2017 / What's on
i-on magazine, January 2017
2 Mins
As we write this, we’re just approaching the end of 2016: a year that history will recall as a bit of a weird one. Bowie, Prince, Victoria Wood… and then Brexit and Trump. All of which mean...
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The latest high-tech gadgets coming your way
5 Mins
Want to know about the latest and greatest tech gadgetry set to hit our homes soon? We’ve picked out some favourites, from the fun to the useful, a smorgasbord of digital delights for tech...
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