Same day appointments at YourGP
1 Min
Ever had an inkling that something wasn’t quite right, made an appointment with your doctor then worried yourself silly for days on end whilst waiting to be seen? Then you’ll be pleased to hear there’s an easy way to cut out the hassle of waiting. YourGP offers short notice, same-day and walk-in appointments so you can be seen by an expert right away. No more waiting in a phone queue...
YourGP / doctors / appointments
Travel vaccinations at YourGP
1 Min
Can’t wait to jump on a plane in search of some summer sunshine? Make sure getting your travel vaccinations is top of your to-do list before you jet off. YourGP ’s travel clinic provides a...
Travel vaccinations / jags / YourGP
On your bike: Top cycling training tips
2 Mins
In a cycle-friendly city like Edinburgh, there’s never been a better time to get around on two wheels. David Wray of bike maintenance service Grease Monkeys shares some of his top cycling...
Cycling / fitness / Grease Monkeys
Funky fitness: The best alternatives to the gym
1 Min
Hate gyms? Here’s a rundown of some quirky fitness alternatives… Kangoo jumps Strapping on what looks like a set of ski boots with springs attached and having a run is said to burn double...
fitness / health / Kangoo jumps
A beginner’s guide to aerial arts
3 Mins
Aerial arts is the broad term for a style of three-dimensional modern dance that incorporates the use of hanging equipment such as trapeze, rope, silks and hoop,” explains aerial performer...
Aerial arts / Blaise Donald / Silks and hoops
Ten years younger: The benefits of exercise
4 Mins
The benefits of exercise are well documented but did you know exercise can actually make you look younger? It sounds too good to be true but that's the findings of scientists at Ontario's...
exercise / Circulation / skincare
How to de-clutter your mind
1 Min
Maybe you have a serene, calm outlook on life, with few thoughts running about your head. If you have, lucky you. Most people have constant commentary running in their heads about things...
Rebecca Bonnington / health / Wellbeing
6 Mins
To go vegan or not to go vegan, that is the question. Health and nutrition blogger Sarah Ormerod finds out if it’s worth taking the plunge. There was a time when people thought of vegans as...
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