Paesano Pizza, West End Glasgow
4 Mins
Amanda Southey has a slice of authenticity at the second branch of Glasgow’s most popular pizza place, Paesano Pizza ... My family are pizza fanatics and the more we eat, the more we know what we like. Forget deep dish American styles, for us, a slice should be as authentic as possible, which is why we were thrilled when we stumbled across the new West-end branch of popular family-run restaurant...
Paesano Pizza / Pizza / Glasgow
Brunch redefined at The Birnam Brasserie, Gleneagles Hotel
4 Mins
Laura Wood discovers the ultimate Sunday brunch destination, The Birnam Brasserie at Gleneagles Hotel. Brunch; a portmanteau of breakfast and lunch, best enjoyed, in my opinion, with time...
The Birnam Brasserie / Gleneagles / review
Pizza at Civerinos Slice Edinburgh
4 Mins
Charlotte Hulme super-sizes her appetite at Civerinos Slice , Edinburgh's new American-style neighbourhood pizza bar. Arriving on a Saturday evening during the opening weekend of the Fringe...
civerinos slice / Pizza / review
Get out of town - quiet places to eat during Edinburgh festival season
10 Mins
Looking for a quiet meal in festival season can seem like a challenge but as Michelle Clancy found out, you don't have to stray far from the city centre to find these little gems (and no...
Honeycomb & Co / Nobles / The Rabbit Hole
Conoisseurs' kebabs at 'Babs in Glasgow
3 Mins
Lucy Snow goes gourmet at 'Babs... Once upon a time, a kebab on West Nile Street meant a messy bite after a messy night, but not anymore. ‘Babs , the latest venture from the Bread Meats...
'Babs / Glasgow / review
Bespoke burgers at The Counter in Glasgow
4 Mins
In celebration of National Burger Day on 24 August, Tracey McCallum designs her own meat masterpiece at The Counter . Glasgow might be bursting at the seams with burger joints but one that...
The Counter / Glasgow / Burgers
Dinner at Chop House
4 Mins
In a bid to indulge her carnivorous side, Michelle Clancy dined out at Chop House , Leith. Having made its mark on Leith’s dining scene, and after hearing that they had added some new...
Chop House / Dinner / review
Dinner and cocktails at Tigerlily
3 Mins
Amanda Southey heads to her old favourite, Tigerlily , and samples their newly launched cocktail menu. Where to go on a Thursday night in Edinburgh for good food? The choice is vast but we...
Tigerlily / Dinner / Cocktails