Dinner review: Wine, Dine and Sunshine at Harvey Nichols
5 Mins
Rebecca McCosh and her equally dietary-challenged dining partner sample the new ‘Wine, Dine and Sunshine’ menu at Harvey Nichols’ Forth Floor Brasserie . One pregnant diner who’s spent the past six months avoiding rare meat, blue cheese and alcohol (all the good stuff, basically) and one vegetarian (not just pescatarian, or partial to a little mozzarella with a trace of rennet, I mean full-blown vegetarian) – I imagine we’re not...
Harvey Nichols / Food review / offer
Dinner at The Pompadour by Galvin
6 Mins
As the news broke that chef Daniel Ashmore had taken the helm of The Pompadour by Galvin , we sent Amy Falconer along to the restaurant to see what all the fuss was about… Walking in to “...
The Pompadour / Dinner / Food review
Dinner at Le Roi Fou
3 Mins
Carine Seitz gives Le Roi Fou , a new neighbourhood restaurant , the royal seal of approval. Picture the scene: a stylish, friendly restaurant opens on your street. It’s relaxed enough for...
Le Roi Fou / Edinburgh / Food review
Dinner at Alchemilla
3 Mins
Susie Cormack Bruce follows the foodies to the new Glasgow hotspot, Alchemilla . I’ve never been one to follow the herd - well, that’s my excuse for my recent late-to-the-party visit to the...
alchemilla / Glasgow / Food review
Dinner at Rabble
3 Mins
Rabble Tap House and Grill , Edinburgh’s newest addition, was the venue of choice for Amanda Southey who was in search of a family-friendly eatery to take her own rabble one Saturday night...
Rabble / Edinburgh
Dinner at CAU
2 Mins
Amy Falconer visits contemporary Argentinian steak house CAU . Informal and bustly, and situated right in the heart of town on Castle Street, CAU is the perfect place for a catch up with...
Cau / Edinburgh / review
Dinner at Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen
4 Mins
Susie Cormack Bruce gets down with some Glasgow gastropub grub at the new Innis & Gunn Beer Kitchen . Spread over the three floors of Ashton Lane’s former Cul de Sac – with a bustling...
innis & gunn / Glasgow / Food review
Wimbledon afternoon tea at Gleneagles
2 Mins
Anyone for tennis? Or would you prefer a tennis themed afternoon tea ? Thought so. Gleneagles is happy to oblige with its delicious Wimbledon themed afternoon tea, £57, complete with Art...
Gleneagles / afternoon tea / review