Dinner review: Wine, Dine and Sunshine at Harvey Nichols

Dinner review: Wine, Dine and Sunshine at Harvey Nichols

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Rebecca McCosh and her equally dietary-challenged dining partner sample the new ‘Wine, Dine and Sunshine’ menu at Harvey Nichols’ Forth Floor Brasserie.

One pregnant diner who’s spent the past six months avoiding rare meat, blue cheese and alcohol (all the good stuff, basically) and one vegetarian (not just pescatarian, or partial to a little mozzarella with a trace of rennet, I mean full-blown vegetarian) – I imagine we’re not exactly the dream diners a restauranteur hopes will walk through their doors. So the Forth Floor Brasserie at Harvey Nichols had its work cut out when we headed along to sample the new three courses and a cocktail ‘Wine, Dine and Sunshine’ menu.

After taking our seats by the full-length windows and admiring the panoramic views of Edinburgh Castle and the Firth of Forth, we hit them with our first fussy dining diva request – could they switch up the cocktails for mocktails (on account of the bump and our drive home)? Not a problem – we were each treated to a Pret a Porter; a combination of passion fruit and raspberry purée with fresh apple and cranberry juice. Surprisingly, it had a decent enough sugar kick to help me imagine the real deal.

My veggie partner began with the courgette and cheddar soup which was delicately flavoured and not too over-poweringly cheesy, whilst I opted for the beautifully presented Portobello mushroom with mozzarella and tomato salsa on a toasted muffin. I could quite happily have devoured it twice over and not just because I was unashamedly eating for two.

Dinner review: Wine, Dine and Sunshine at Harvey Nichols

For the main course, my companion tucked into the wild mushroom pappardelle in tarragon oil (rich, creamy and satisfying), and I plumped for the Borders lamb chump served with niçoise garnish and olive tapenade. Asked how I’d like it, I struggled to over-ride my automatic ‘medium-rare’ response for a pregnancy-friendly ‘well-done’. I’ll admit my heart sank a little at the thought of the meat slowly turning from delicate pink to brown but hats off to the chef –  what the lamb lost in colour it certainly didn’t lose in flavour.

For the final flourish, my fellow diner chose the key lime pie which was tart and tangy to a T. I picked the chocolate brownie served with chocolate mousse AND vanilla ice cream AND fresh cream. Yes, I played the ‘eating for two’ card once again, wholly justifying every single deliciously calorie-laden mouthful.

It’s fair to say Harvey Nichols rose to the challenge – our dining experience was in no way hampered by our awkward dietary restrictions. Now I just need to find a spot to take my coeliac, vegan, tea-total friend next week…

The ‘Wine, Dine and Sunshine’ menu at Harvey Nichols Edinburgh is available until 31 August. Enjoy three courses and a cocktail for £22 in the Forth Floor Brasserie, or for £33 in the Forth Floor Restaurant. Book your table HERE.

Forth Floor Brasserie, Harvey Nichols, 30-34 St Andrew Sq, Edinburgh, EH2 2AD, Tel: 0131 524 8350, www.harveynichols.com

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