Lip fillers: Tried and tested
2 Mins
Cath Tait takes the plunge and plumps up her pout with the help of lip fillers. After a year of looking in the mirror wondering where my top lip had gone, I finally plucked up the courage to get fillers. Of course, I’d seen the celebrity trout pout pictures but I was reassured that Dr Nestor was one of Scotland’s best cosmetic doctors and would only ever aim to enhance...
lip fillers / beauty / review
Hair transformation at Austen Thomson Hair
3 Mins
Since moving to Edinburgh three years ago, Amanda Southey has been searching for the right hairdresser . She’s very particular about her hair you see – it’s naturally light brown but she’s...
austen thomson hair / Haircut / review
Brow tattoos: Tried and tested
3 Mins
We all want beautiful brows. Some are blessed with good genes but most of us plucked the living daylights out of them in the nineties. I’m part of the latter gang and coupled with the fact...
brow tattoo / permanent cosmetics / review
Clear and Brilliant facial treatment at Zen Lifestyle
2 Mins
At the wrong side of 30, fine lines, wrinkles and pigmentation are all setting in. That’s why facial treatments for me are now less about the pamper and more about results that last beyond...
clear and brilliant / Zen Lifestyle / Anti-ageing
Trending: Sheet masks
3 Mins
They may make you look like the main protagonist in a horror movie but Susie Cormack Bruce reviews the Korean beauty staple that’s become an A-list beauty obsession for fresh party ready...
Sheet masks / beauty trends / skincare
Tried and Tested: Linton & Mac Style Bar
1 Min
Taking inspiration from celebrities such as Gigi Hadid, Linton & Mac ’s style bar makeover has upped its game in delivering a wow-factor service to clients. Now one year old, it boasts...
Linton and Mac / tried and tested / hairstyling
Men's grooming trends: Solid cologne
1 Min
There’s a quiet revolution going on in the men’s fragrance world and it’s wax based. Solid cologne is gaining fans daily. The long lasting scents, rather than drying out skin, contain...
cologne / grooming / fragrance
Vitamin Infusion facial: Tried and tested
2 Mins
There’s no escaping the fact that basking in the summer sunshine feels great. As the warm sun hits your face, it’s easy to forget about the damaging UV rays and its acceleratory ageing...
Vitamin Infusion facial / DermalClinic / review