Spa review: One Moment for You

Spa review: One Moment for You

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There’s no denying working at i-on includes certain perks, but Amy Falconer recently enjoyed perks of gargantuan proportions as she tried out the newOne Moment for You’ treatment at One Spa.

This is slightly embarrassing, but I was literally grinning from ear to ear and dizzy with excitement as I climbed the stairs to the spa. I’ve only ever experienced heady delight here so I had high expectations.

I was there to try the latest Spezia treatment. Spiezia products are 100% organic, even edible (I kid you not, one of the girls made cookies with the lemongrass sugar scrub. Delicious apparently.) The clever clogs at One Spa have combined their favourite and most effective elements from various Spiezia treatments and rolled them all in to one epic treatment; One Moment for You. 

Robed and already relaxed, I flip-flopped my way to the treatment room with Cherry, my goddess for the next 1 hour 20 minutes. As I reclined on the massage bed, she popped a bowl of zingy lemongrass water under my face so I could inhale the aroma and she got to work.

First up, she ran warm oil down my back, massaged it in, then started exfoliating. For this, she used Embrace the Day Body Scrub, (the scrub you can eat), and it felt oh-so-good. She then worked Soothing Muscle Balm all over my back and began a much-needed back and shoulder massage. She certainly didn’t scrimp either, she got right in to all the knots. I was then turned around to lie on my back and she worked on my feet - scrubbing away before wrapping them up in their own wee individual towel-shoes.

Spa review: One Moment for You
Next, she moved on to the head, neck and shoulder relaxation treatment. I came prepared, without a scrap of makeup on and bed hair in the hope there would be hair oil involved and to my delight there was. You really can’t beat the nourishment of hair oil, especially when left on overnight. An express facial followed, again with lots of exfoliation and rich, nourishing products that smelt divine.

Then it was back down to the tootsies - she unwrapped my cocooned feet and started to massage them using the Soothe & Smooth Foot Balm which tingled ever so slightly due to the peppermint and rosemary. And then it was over. I wanted to stay. To sleep. To never, ever leave. Can I come back yet?

One Moment for You is available for £115. Throughout July, combine it with the One Spa signature spa experience, ‘Escape at One’, for just £101. Available Monday – Friday throughout July, subject to availability.

One Spa, 8 Conference Sq, Edinburgh, EH3 8AN, Tel: 0131 221 7777,

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