3 Mins
The i-on team samples spa treatments with a foodie twist... Best for chocoholics… “The Chocolate and Lime Escape at Edinburgh’s Radisson Blu hotel is the perfect treatment to completely indulge without consuming a single calorie. The 70-minute spa experience is great value at £60. It begins with a zingy grapefruit and lime foot scrub, followed by a warm cocoa back massage, where the therapist melts a scented candle into the...
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The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance: The latest beauty innovation
2 Mins
We’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the beauty world – anything that promises to leave us looking younger and positively glowing gets our full attention. So when we...
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance / beauty treatment / Anti-ageing
Beautiful brows: The microblading trend
1 Min
If like many of us, you foolishly over-plucked in your youth and your brows now lack oompf, this new beauty technique could be the answer. Get to grips with microblading right here... What...
microblading / eyebrows / treatment
Zen Lifestyle launches Zentime for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1 Min
Everyone needs a little zentime - time to unwind and be pampered – and Zen Lifestyle reckon they’ve got it down to a fine art. They offer a range of spa treatments and therapeutic massages...
Zen Lifestyle / breast cancer awareness month / zentime
Cheat your way to a summer glow in winter
2 Mins
If your summer glow faded as fast as the temperature dropped this month, don’t worry. Winter doesn’t have to spell months of chapped lips and dry skin – YourGP offers a range of medical...
YourGP / microdermabrasion / lift-shape
Farewell comb over
1 Min
Once upon a time, male pattern baldness was just a fact of life that up to 50 per cent of men had to deal with. The options available to deal it were limited to a wig, boot polish on the...
Dr Nestor / Hair Transplant / Cosmetic Clinic
Laser hair removal at Thérapie Clinic
3 Mins
In our quest to never shave, pluck or wax again, we speak to Katie McGlade, co-owner of Thérapie Clinic which opens in Edinburgh and Glasgow this month, about the wonders of laser hair...
laser hair removal / Thérapie Clinic / salon treatment
Skin tight: The wonders of collagen
2 Mins
Collagen accounts for 75 per cent of youthful skin. It provides the structure supporting the epidermis and gives your skin its youthful fullness. As your body gets older, it loses the...
Skinade / Collagen / beauty