The Wanderlust Life
2 Mins
For most, it’s a bit of bi-annual escapism and recuperation. But at the other end of the scale there’s those who’ve fully succumbed to the power of wanderlust, for whom travel is a constant itch that must be scratched. It’s called dromomania – the uncontrollable urge to wander; we’ve hand-picked four people with this uncontainable drive, a disparate bunch with only a well-stamped passport and a bounty of anecdotes in...
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New York: Travel review
3 Mins
I’ve always been a forward planner. That’s why it was so uncharacteristic of me to agree to a last minute girlie weekend trip to New York. Caught up in the moment, and in the mindset of you...
New York / Travel / review
10 magical facts about Walt Disney
2 Mins
This year marks 50 years since the passing of Walt Disney, the visionary behind the Disney World in Florida. By way of celebration, Kenwood Travel , has compiled some interesting facts you...
Disney World / Florida / Walt Disney
Northern Lights
7 Mins
The ethereal dancing light phenomenon known as aurora borealis (translates as dawn of the north) can be viewed from vantage points across the northern hemisphere. Dean Newton takes a look...
Northern Lights / Travel / Iceland
Top 10 destinations for intrepid family travel
5 Mins
Family holidays. Whilst these two words may once have conjured up images of a miserable week in a flooded caravan park, being stranded on a mind-numbingly boring canal boat, or getting...
Family holiday / Travel / top destinations
9 Mins
Take your travel adventures to new heights with our pick of 10 destinations to visit in 2016. RIO. This Brazilian city always tops travel wish lists but this year will be extra special with the Olympic Games and the Paralympics visiting the city 05-21 August 2016 and 07-18 September 2016
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 Island life: The Faroe Islands
6 Mins
Beautiful, unspoilt and just a little bit wild, the Faroe Islands are the perfect place for a Nordic adventure. I have to admit, prior to this trip, my only experience of the Faroe Islands...
Island / Faroe
Four Seasons Resort
5 Mins
Koh Samui, Thailand Being in our late 20s and past the young and eager stage in life that backpacking requires, we wanted more than a hostel in a touristy beach resort for our first trip to...
Travel / Resort / Thailand