Comedian Lucy Porter asks - is anger healthy?
3 Mins
Comedian Lucy Porter on why she wants to learn to let the anger out... I’d always thought my parents had the perfect marriage; they never argued and snuggled up on the sofa most nights with a bar of Fry’s Turkish Delight to watch Coronation Street. When dad died last year and mum came to live with us, I wanted her to be happy so for her first night at ours...
Comedy / Lucy porter / Edinburgh Fringe
Comedian John Robins on anger management
3 Mins
Could anger actually be good for us? Comedian John Robins on why he’s mostly angry at himself… I don’t think of myself as an angry person, and I certainly don’t get angry with people to...
Comedy / Edinburgh Fringe / John robins
Comedian Mark Nelson on fatherhood
6 Mins
Glasgow comedian Mark Nelson on the day-to-day reality of fatherhood. What makes a good father? If you actually bother to read the countless baby books, you’ll hear the usual things: a...
mark nelson / comedian / fatherhood
15 random and unbelievable facts
2 Mins
Avoid an awkward lull in conversation – simply throw in a few of these random (yet completely true) facts and blow someone’s mind. Easyfairs asked some packaging convention visitors for...
facts / knowledge / trivia
Highlights of the Glasgow International Comedy Festival
5 Mins
The Edinburgh Festival Fringe may still be seen by many as top dog on the comedy front, but our west side friends sure put up a good fight in the form of the Glasgow International Comedy...
Glasgow International Comedy festival / shows / stand up
Darren Connell’s Glasgow
2 Mins
The Scot Squad comedian , Darren Connell on Glasgow - the city he calls home. What’s your favourite area in the city? I love Glasgow city centre, so many different cultures and people in...
Darren Connell / Glasgow / Comedy
The best ever Edinburgh Fringe jokes
5 Mins
The world's largest arts and entertainment festival has grown again this year with 50,459 performances of 3,314 shows in 313 venues across the capital. Theatre was the most popular genre...
Edinburgh Fringe / Comedy / jokes
The best April Fools' Day jokes
1 Min
Admit it. You've been known to fall for an April Fool's Day joke, haven’t you? April 1st gives license to the mischievous everywhere to cause a little chaos, press included. Here are four...
April fool's day / jokes / pranks