The nation’s top festive gripes

The nation’s top festive gripes

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There’s a lot to love about Christmas but there’s a lot to grumble about too. That’s according to the latest research carried out on behalf of Union Square shopping centre, Aberdeen. So to help the grinches among us get over our Christmas gripes and to reinvigorate the nation's festive cheer the shopping destination is bringing in a hypnotist this December. No, seriously. Free hypnosis sessions will be taking place at Union Square on Thursday 08 December. Here are the top five seasonal pet peeves they’ll be helping shoppers come to terms with…


5. Travel chaos


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There’s nothing more frustrating than being top to toe in tailbacks. In fact, we’ll be personally writing to Chris Rea to ask him to re-name his festive hit, Driving home for Christmas, to Crawling at an excruciatingly slow pace for Christmas. That being said, we can’t really compare the congestion on the Edinburgh By-Pass to that in L.A. during the Thanksgiving rush home, as seen in the video above.


4. Spending too much time with family members

There’s a reason why there are certain family members you only see once a year. That reason will become all too apparent right around lunchtime when Aunt Margaret is complaining that the carrots are undercooked, Grandpa Joe’s chat is verging on xenophobic, and the toddlers are using their new colouring pens to doodle on your sofa.


3. The build up to Christmas starting too soon


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We hadn’t even packed away our summer togs and we were tripping over tinsel in the supermarket. It’s as if autumn has disappeared into a pre-Christmas build up blur. If you’re wondering when it’s socially acceptable to start celebrating, check out our aptly named article, The 10 socially acceptable days of Christmas.


2. Brussels sprouts


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More than one in five of us take umbrage at this festive vegetable yet we still insist on serving them up because it ‘Just wouldn’t be Christmas without them’. No. It would be better.


1. Mariah Carey's All I Want for Christmas on repeat

Sorry Mariah, but it seems your seasonal warbling is just too much for over a third of us. For the other two thirds, hit ‘play’ on the video above and repeat as many times as you like.


Words: Rebecca McCosh

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