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So you’ve joined the property ladder and in a capital city like Edinburgh, that’s no mean feet. But if you find yourself away for short periods of time, it’s a good point to start considering how your home can work for you. By putting your property on a safe and reputable holiday home rental site such as HomeAway , an expert in the holiday rental industry and part of Expedia...
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The Playfair at Donaldson's
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Renowned as one of the most iconic buildings in Edinburgh and designed in the style of an Elizabethan palace, The Playfair at Donaldson’s picked up no fewer than four major awards in 2018...
The Playfair at Donaldson's / City & Country / iconic building
Development Direct
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Jo Morris reveals how she turned a dilapidated Victorian terrace house into a dream family home in Trinity We started to think about moving to a new house in spring last year when we...
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Jeffreys Interiors
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PSA! Get yourself down to Custom Lane this weekend where two of our favourite home styling showrooms, Jeffreys Interiors and Catalog Ltd , have joined forces to host a one-off unmissable...
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The Playfair at Donaldson's
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If you have ever fancied owning your own city-centre home, you can't do much better than the The Playfair at Donaldson’s . With a concierge, the privacy of secure gated grounds and a...
The Playfair at Donaldson's / City and Country / Edinburgh
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When she moved to Edinburgh from Hampshire two years ago, making her home in an unknown city was a daunting prospect for Victoria Kader, but throwing herself into an ambitious renovation...
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The Playfair at Donaldson's
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For city centre living, we’re dreaming of a stylish pad at The Playfair at Donaldson’s . Set amidst 18 acres of elegant grounds and just minutes from Haymarket station, the Playfair...
The Playfair at Donaldson's / City and Country / Edinburgh
John Lewis & Partners
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Create a cosy atmosphere to snuggle up in this season with our expert tips and tricks... 1. Try Texture When it comes to soft furnishings, there’s no such thing as too much. Interior...
Interior Design Trends / Home interiors
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From purple to the new Art Deco, Emily Smoor unveils the hottest trends to add some stylish new-season touches to your home Twice a year I have this insatiable urge to sort my house out: a...
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Ask any homeowner what they'd like more of, invariably space will top the list. We want more, and we want it to enhance our lifestyle. And the new glass extensions do just that. In a city...
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