The Speedwell Bar, AKA Mennie’s

The Speedwell Bar, AKA Mennie’s

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Fancy a pint in Mennie’s? An oft-asked question in Dundee. The Speedwell Bar (or Mennie’s as it’s known in honour of landlady, Mrs Mennie, who owned and ran the property for over half a century), is a pub and a city institution for good beer. Built by James Speed in 1903, the bar was taken over by Henry Mennie in the 1920s and remained in the family until 1995 when Jonathan Stewart took the reins.

It is one of the few pubs in Scotland - and the only one in Dundee - which has been listed for the quality of its interior. There is a main bar and L-shaped space, fitted with crafted mahogany, gantry, dado panelling and fireplaces - though chances are, even regulars haven’t noticed many of the finer details, given concentration is on conversation and ales. The real charm of Mennie’s though is the mix of clientele. Solicitors nod to past clients while plumbers, plasterers, cabbies, carpenters, doctors, decorators and the odd student drink the night away. It’s a bar without labels and we love it.

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