COYO Coconut Yoghurt smoothie recipe
1 Min
Allergen free and vegan friendly, coconut yogurt is a delicious, healthy everyday alternative to dairy. There are lots of versions available but we especially love COYO , handcrafted in small batches and made with fresh coconut milk infused with real fruit, cacao and spices. The tasty blends also contain probiotics or prebiotics (all good for the gut). The Green Coconut Tonic Bowl Organic and raw, this smoothie is a great...
COYO / Coconut yoghurt / recipe
Asparagus mac ‘n’ cheese with bacon crumble recipe
2 Mins
This quick and easy recipe from British Asparagus is a new twist on the old classic. The prep only takes 15 minutes, then you can let it bubble away in the oven, making it the ideal supper...
mac 'n' cheese / asparagus / recipe
The 68 calorie pancake for Shrove Tuesday
1 Min
Pancakes are delicious – but they can pack a pile of calories. With that in mind, try Nutra Check Nutritionist Emma Brown's best low-fat pancake recipe at only 68 cals and enjoy Shrove...
shrove tuesday / pancakes / healthy eating
Devil's Advocate
1 Min
Celebrate old Rabbie at home with these alternative whisky cocktail recipes created by Edinburgh's expert mixologists. To be enjoyed for Burns, or any night... Panda & Sons 'Queen...
Burns Night / alternative cocktails / Scottish
BABA recipe
1 Min
Enjoy a taste of the Middle East at home with this flavourful recipe for squash hummus, toasted seeds, tahini and za'atar from BABA ... Ingredients 1kg of onion squash 1 clove of garlic...
Baba / hummus / recipe
Embrace Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend with a 'cool toddy' cocktail
1 Min
Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend makes its highly anticipated debut this weekend (from 06 to 08 October) and over 50 bars across the city have created a signature cocktail which wristband holders...
Edinburgh Cocktail Weekend / Cocktails / recipe
Tom Kitchin Steak Night Recipe
3 Mins
Edinburgh chef Tom Kitchin reveals his favourite recipe for peppered fillet steaks. “One of the classics, this is a dish that will never go out of fashion,” says the Michelin star chef. “If...
Tom Kitchin / Steak / recipe
The Taste of Summer
2 Mins
Edinburgh bar The Blackbird is shaking up some extra-special summer cocktails in their revamped garden. Naturally, we found it impossible to choose just one to share with you, so here's how...
Blackbird / cocktail / recipe