Lindores Abbey

It’s not whisky, it’s not gin, it’s Aqua Vitae baby!

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A trip to Lindores Abbey is unlike any distillery visit you will experience; even the most seasoned whisky enthusiast will come away having learnt something new.

Tours are hosted daily by engaging tour guides who will lead you through the distillery’s story and process; the buildings themselves are beautifully constructed and the Legacy bar is the perfect way to round off your trip with a delicious Aqua Vitae cocktail overlooking the Abbey ruins.   

On the tour, the rows and rows of newly filled casks; port, sherry and bourbon wood are a sight to behold, patiently awaiting their legal status as Scotch Whisky in two-years’ time. In the meantime, in the Lindores Apothecary they have conjured up a truly unique drink to embody the Lindores spirit, Aqua Vitae...

Keen not to pursue the gin or vodka route and to stay true to what the monks would have created at the distillery’s conception, the result is something that has turned the heads of whisky purists and novices alike. Using the same new make spirit that has filled their casks instead of any maturation, Aqua Vitae is created through maceration with a blend of herbs such as sweet cicely and cleavers which grow in the Abbey grounds, along with spices and fruits the monks would have used over 500 years ago to create a versatile spirit that can be enjoyed over ice or as a cocktail base.

Abbey Rd, Newburgh, Cupar, KY14 6HH, Tel: 01337 842 547,

TRY IT AT HOME: The Black Douglas 

The Black Douglas


  1. Brew a good quality black coffee to your desired strength and pour into a tall latte glass.
  2. Add 50ml of Aqua Vitae.
  3. Add 10ml of date syrup and stir.
  4. Lightly whip single cream (still pouring consistency) and pour from a jug with a good spout over the back of a teaspoon into the hot coffee to form a layer on the top of the glass.
  5. Garnish with grated nutmeg.

Tasting notes 

Initial light top notes of peach and pear give way to masses of ginger, clove and cinnamon spice. Rich, caramel sweetness and some lovely light herbal notes on the finish. Complex and rewarding.

Aqua Vitae is available at Royal Mile Whiskies, Edinburgh, The Good Spirits Co, Glasgow, and online at

Lindores Abbey / Scotch Whisky / Aqua Vitae

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