Hula your way to fitness

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Want to get fit but don’t think the gym’ll fix it? Try one, two or even all three of these alternative fitness ideas.


No strength? No flexibility? No problem at Spinal Chord’s Eezee Trapezee classes, where you’ll learn the basics of trapeze along with rope and aerial silks skills. The sessions work at a physical level (your strength improves after each class) and help coordination as your brain adjusts to height perception and being upside down. The result is a workout that builds your self-confidence as well as your fitness, and offers far better bragging rights than a regular run around the park. 


Fancied Zumba but lacked the necessary rhythm? Say hello to Bokwa. There’s no choreography, no counts of eight counting steps and no feeling stupid when the only salsa you know comes with a portion of nachos. You simply draw letters and numbers with your feet and add your own flourishes and your confidence grows. It’s a bit like line dancing, only cooler and in lycra.


Did you know that as well as being pretty addictive, hula hooping can burn up to 600 calories an hour? Fun and surprisingly easy once you nail the technique, Glasgow Hula Hoop offers full body workouts with classes including waist hooping, balance skills, dance moves, warm up and down. As your hoop skills improve, you can up the ante to more advanced hooping – even fire hooping. Yep, that’s a hoop, on fire, on you. 

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