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Top tips for sustainable weight loss and FREE gym membership for i-on readers

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It’s the same old story for us every year but we’re doing things differently for 2019 and sticking to a plan. To set us on the right path, we asked Ross Paterson, owner of Scotland’s Gym of the Year 2018, Synergy Group Fitness, for his tips for sustainable fat loss.

  1. Reduce the white stuff

Sugar is one of the biggest limiters to effective fat loss for a number of reasons. Here are the big three:

  • The body combats blood sugar spikes by releasing insulin into your bloodstream. Insulin inhibits your body’s ability to breakdown fat tissue, making fat loss VERY difficult.
  • It’s easier for our body to use sugar as fuel than our body fat stores. By simply reducing the amount of sugar we consume, we force our body to use our stored body fat as our main fuel source.
  • It’s difficult to feel full from high sugar products. Choosing lower GI (Glycaemic Index) foods, such as fruit, non-starchy veg and wholemeal grains, will fill and fuel you for longer.

2. Stay hydrated

We often confuse thirst with hunger and eat food instead of having a good drink of water. In a 2010 Virginia Tech study, two groups followed the same diet over 12 weeks, with one group drinking 500ml of water before each main meal. They lost an average of 5Ibs more per person than the other group.

Top tip: The next time you feel hungry, drink a couple of glasses of water and wait 20 minutes.

3. Be consistent

Denying our cravings is the number one cause for tumbling off the ‘diet’ wagon.

Top tip: Having a treat is fine. In fact, it’s essential. The key is balance and moderation.

4. Make fitness social

The drop-off rate for users of the average gym is staggering. The self-motivation required to get off the couch, push yourself and stay motivated week in, week out is HUGE.

Top tip: Recruit a gym buddy or choose a gym which specialises in results orientated, social fitness. It will significantly improve your chances of sustainable fat loss and fitness success.

5. Mix it up

If you go to the gym and follow the same training plan without varying structure, content or intensity, the benefits will diminish significantly over time. Change only comes when we challenge ourselves.

Top tip: Mix up the style and nature of your sessions.

6. Find your zone

Making fitness and good nutritional choices part of your life, not just a quick fix, is about finding a form of fitness you enjoy in a place you enjoy being, with people you enjoy training with, and finding a nutritional structure which fits with your life.

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Recently awarded Scottish Gym of the Year 2018 and the UK's Functional Gym of the Year 2018, Synergy Group Fitness is a boutique, functional gym which specialises in results-oriented social fitness. Members are given tailored exercises specific to their needs and nutritional support to match, including their 90 day fat loss plan, which helps you burn fat, build lean muscle and look great.

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