The simple solution to your hayfever misery
3 Mins
For most people, the start of summer is a cause for celebration – longer, warmer days mean more time in the garden and the perfect excuse for dusting off the barbecue and cracking open the rosé. But for some people, summer sadly signals the start of sniffly noses and streaming eyes. Yes, hayfever season is here. But don’t worry, the experts at YourGP have a simple solution. Here they give...
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First impressions at Visage Glasgow
3 Mins
Has your penchant for coffee and fondness of red wine left your smile looking a little lacklustre? Are your pearly whites sadly no longer pearly white? If so, don’t worry. Visage Glasgow...
visage glasgow / dentist / teeth
Exclusive i-on offer: The Balmoral luxury spa experience, £69
1 Min
Indulge in the five star surroundings of The Balmoral Spa with this exclusive offer for i-on readers. A sanctuary of personal comfort and total escapism, with the highest levels of...
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Face your skin problems at YourGP
2 Mins
We all have those days when we’d rather not face the world, but for many, no amount of hiding away will sort the problem. We’re talking about adult acne, rosacea and irregular pigmentation...
acne / rosacea / treatments
The wellbeing event
2 Mins
Ageing is a fact of life but how you choose to age is up to you. Healthy living and exercise are at the top of the to do list and increasingly, people are choosing aesthetic and anti-ageing...
Wellbeing / event / Anti-ageing
Give the gift of health and confidence this Christmas
1 Min
Christmas is about giving, and what better gift to give than health and confidence. That’s why YourGP is offering gift vouchers for all their treatments. Perfect for those looking to make...
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Flu jab facts: Do you need the vaccine?
2 Mins
Winter has arrived and it’s brought with it a flurry of coughs and sneezes. We therefore turned to the health experts at YourGP to find out how to protect ourselves from the more serious of...
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Made for Life at Fletcher’s Cottage
1 Min
If your faith in humanity needs reaffirming, read on because one local business is doing something pretty incredible this month. Fletcher’s Cottage at Archerfield has teamed up with Spiezia...
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