Tried and tested: Birthmark removal

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Lauren Chornogubsky waves goodbye to unwanted birthmarks

I’ve always been self-conscious about my birthmarks; I’ve one on my chin and another on my upper thigh. After researching the safest, most effective treatments for their removal. I booked an appointment at Sk:n Glasgow.

The treatment is carried out by a specialist doctor and works for anyone with pigmented or vascular birthmarks. My pigmented birthmark at the top of my thigh was about the size of a 50 pence so treatment time was pretty quick but it did feel slightly more uncomfortable than the treatment on my vascular birthmark on my chin. The sharp, burning sensation seemed to stick around for an hour after the treatment.

Both birthmarks reacted differently to the treatment. The vascular one was initially quite bruised but this faded after a week. The pigmented birthma​​​​​​​rk needed three sessions and scabbed over after treatments but this generally healed within two days. The number of treatments required depends on your skin type and size of affected area but luckily for me, mine were both quite small so it barely took anytime at all. Now my birthmarks have gone and I’m delighted. I only wish I had been to Sk:n much earlier in life, it makes such a difference not to be self-conscious anymore.

Birthmark Removal is available at Sk:n with prices from £235 per session. For more information visit or Tel: 0333 130 7347.

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