Preview night at Dr Nestor

For her eyes only: An exclusive preview night at Dr Nestor

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Edinburgh’s newest clinic has women’s health and wellbeing at heart...

Dr Nestor Demosthenous is delighted to announce the opening of his women’s health department, based at his multi-award-winning Medical Cosmetic Centre in Edinburgh’s New Town, as well as the appointment of Dr Rosy Fazzi, MBChB, MRCGP to head it up.

As the first of its kind in Edinburgh, the women’s health department will be host to world class facilities, providing discreet and effective solutions to a multitude of intimate health issues experienced by up to three quarters of women across the country. The clinic will go beyond the aesthetic, looking at hormonal, physiological and psychological factors affecting women of all ages, to ensure that patients are always looking and feeling their best.

Having spent years working in Obstetrics & Gynaecology and Sexual Health departments, as well as a GP, Dr Rosy specialises in women’s health and wellbeing, and is passionate about working with women to restore their confidence and sense of intimate wellbeing. Dr Rosy comments: “I am honoured to have been asked to bring my knowledge and experience to Dr Nestor’s Medical Centre. The impact that ageing, lifestyle choices, diet, exercise, childbirth and the menopause can have on our changing bodies can be concerning, and many women don’t discuss for fear of embarrassment, but I hope to bring reassurance to the women who choose to visit us and restore their quality of life.”

Dr Nestor comments: “I’m delighted to welcome Dr Rosy to the team. Her unique understanding of how the ageing process can affect a woman’s life, body and sexual health, which, in turn, can have bearing on her mood and self-esteem, will allow us to refine, improve and develop our women’s health department going forward.

The Women’s Health Clinic at Dr Nestor’s Medical Cosmetic Centre opens on Thursday 30th November at 53 Dundas Street, Edinburgh, EH3 6RS. Visit the website for more information

There is a preview night with Dr Nestor and Dr Rosy on 16 November at the clinic. It is currently at capacity however please email us at and we’ll add you to our waiting list. You never know what might happen!

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