Blood tests: Revealing a picture of health

Blood tests: Revealing a picture of health

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Squeamish at the sight of blood? Don’t be. It’s pretty amazing stuff when you think about it. It’s constantly circulating our bodies transporting oxygen and nutrients, fighting infections and healing us when we get hurt. Here, the experts at YourGP explain how a simple blood test can reveal a true picture of your health.

Blood tests - what exactly are they for?
Blood tests are one of the simplest and most accurate ways to diagnose a wide range of medical conditions. They can quickly identify or rule out diseases, identify vitamin deficiencies, and screen for illnesses and infections.

What are the most common reasons for a blood test?
They’re used for screening for sexually transmitted infections, identifying allergies, checking thyroid function, and testing for diabetes for example. They’re also a good way to check your general health, showing how well your liver, kidneys, heart and other organs are functioning.

Talk me through the process
During a private consultation we’ll take a small sample of blood from your arm and send it directly to our specialist laboratory. The results are generally ready within 48 hours and you can choose to either phone the office for the results or receive them via email. 

Sounds pretty straight forward. How do I go about booking one?
Simply book an appointment at one our private practice clinics in Edinburgh or Aberdeen.  

YourGP Edinburgh, Waterside House, 19 Hawthornbank Ln, EH4 3BH, Tel: 0131 225 5656
YourGP Aberdeen, 6 Albyn Ln, Tel: 01224 040 080,

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