How to rent your flat stress free

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Edinburgh flat owner and intrepid traveller, Hazel Robertson, on why everybody should use Airsorted...

Their educational roles as Explorers in Residence for charity, the Royal Scottish Geographical Society, regularly sees Hazel Robertson and her husband Luke jetting off to far-flung places. Letting their Edinburgh flat through Airbnb makes financial sense and using management company Airsorted ensures things run smoothly.

“Airsorted manages the flat and the booking process. Everything from liaising with guests, cleaning and sorting fresh linen, to repairs. It takes away the stress factor and saves time. Before we brought Airsorted on board we managed the flat ourselves, so we know just how much time is involved in sorting everything out.” 

Whether they are out of the country for a weekend or weeks, having someone else manage their property allows Hazel and Luke to focus on their trips. “We were in Alaska for three months and frequently had no phone reception, so it was reassuring to know there was somebody looking after things at the flat.”

You might not be planning an extended stay in the Arctic, but Hazel says Airsorted works just as well for a weekend away:

“Letting out our home fits really well around our working lives - the time-saving element is huge.”

Aside from work, Hazel and Luke have a passion for travelling. “Part of it is the freedom,”

Hazel says. “You’re breaking away from the day-to-day and it’s a privilege to discover remote and beautiful places. Luke was the first Scot to ski solo and unsupported to the South Pole, so I guess we both have a bit of a thing for wild places!”

Despite a love of wild places, the couple still appreciate home comforts:

“It’s such a treat coming home to a clean and tidy flat. It’s a really nice feeling knowing that your home has been taken care of.”

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If you are an Edinburgh based host already, or are new to home sharing and interested in hosting in Edinburgh, Airsorted would love to hear from you. Call them on 0131 322 1009 or visit the website at

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