Pass the Keys: Increase rental earnings with short-terms lets

Pass the keys: Increase rental earnings with short-terms lets

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Landlords with properties in sought-after Edinburgh and Glasgow city centre locations can earn 50-100% more when renting on a short-term basis to holidaymakers and visitors, than to long-term tenants.

Short let is increasingly popular among families and couples looking for a personal experience and business travellers who prefer the home-from-home approach to a hotel stay. Whilst the property may not have a permanent tenant in place, holiday homes command significantly higher rates during high season, making up for empty spells between rentals. Even then, short-let properties in central Edinburgh and Glasgow have an annual occupancy of 70% and 65% respectively.

But what about the extra costs and work involved in short-term rental? The simple answer is that there doesn’t need to be any additional work, nor a significant loss in earnings, for owners at all.

Pass the Keys offers full property management for Airbnb hosts in Edinburgh and Glasgow at a charge of only 13%-16% (on a par with long term rentals but with a more active role in your property management) – removing the hassle, and keeping the revenue from your property in your own pocket.

Included in Pass the Keys management services are:

  • Listing and advertising
  • Guest screening and communication
  • 24/7 key exchange and check-in
  • Professional cleaning
  • Clean linen, towels and toiletries
  • 24/7 Guest support

...leaving you to get on with life, earn some extra cash and create a great experience for your guests.

Call Pass the Keys on 0208 050 2818 to find out how much your property could be earning.

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