Storage wars

Storage wars

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Personally, I’m a great believer in freeing up space by disposing of unwanted stuff and clutter. However I have many friends who are hoarders, and can’t bear to part with anything. So for those of you who are tight for space, here are a few solutions.


Drawers hold more than cupboards so, where possible, think about replacing some of your kitchen cupboards with drawer units.

Fit some extra shelves in existing cupboards to maximize the usable space.

Fit additional wall cupboards above the existing units. They will be too high for daily access but great for storing dishes that are only used occasionally.


Dual purpose furniture such as a coffee table with drawers are great for hiding games and DVDs.

Instead of a consol table, have a slim sideboard.

Use old travelling trunks as lamp tables, coffee tables and TV units.

Use bedside tables with drawers as lamp tables.

Adult bedroom

There are many ‘tip-up’ beds available with excellent storage in their base or divan bases with drawers are a great place to store out of season clothes. Or a king size bed will easily house two large under bed boxes with lids from Ikea.

Bedside cabinets with at least three drawers will store a ƒƒsurprising amount of socks/underwear/t-shirts. Splitting it and creating two horizontal spaces will easily accommodate an impressive quantity of suits/shirts/trousers and skirts.

Ottomans make stylish window seats, or can be placed at the end of your bed as useful seating/storage.

Storage wars

Children’s bedroom

Cabin beds are fun but also provide excellent accessible storage. They can come with wall cupboards above, so for the space that a single bed occupies, you gain an amazing amount of storage.

Wall pegs can help your child keep their room tidy. If these are mounted at their height, you then can hang ‘gym type’ bags labeled with pictures of what should be inside to encourage them to sort their toys out.

Old travel trunks can be painted up as toy boxes.

Garden shed

Fitting kitchen units (wall and base), cheaply bought from Gumtree or eBay, will house small tools and endless amounts of ‘can’t bear to part with’ stuff.

Hammer in some strong nails, tie some strong string to garden tools then hang them up. It creates more valuable floor space for the mower and any other large items.

Hall cupboards

These tend to have a lot of wasted height so fit some high shelves that can take suitcases and boxes.

A rail provides more space for coats than wall pegs.

If there is room include a small chest of drawers to take scarves and gloves and other small items that end up getting lost.

Words: Julia Neustein

Main image: Cocoon Living at Asda
Children's bedroom image:

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