Mactaggart and Mickel tips for setting the Christmas table

Three tips for the perfect Christmas table setting from Mactaggart & Mickel

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Make your Christmas table setting a truly festive focal point this Christmas with tops tips from luxury housebuilder Mactaggart & Mickel Homes and leading interior designer Gerry Burke


Choose one theme, such as reindeer or miniature Christmas trees, and repeat this across the table in your chosen colour palette, using matching ornaments at each setting to create a sense of unity around the table. 


Layer the look by using similar objects in different heights and textures. For example, crowd your centrepiece with candles of varying heights and styles, in the same colour, to give your Christmas table a ‘festive gathering’ feel.  You also can do the same with vases or themed ornaments. Layer your plates on the table to enhance the sense of opulence. 


Natural decorations can add a tasteful pop of colour without costing very much. For example, spray paint dried branches and pine cones in silver for a distinctive centrepiece, or put dried clementine and berries in small glass jars and dot them around the table.

Mactaggart and Mickel tips for setting the Christmas table

Mactaggart & Mickel Homes / Christmas decor / Interior inspiration

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