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7 easy ways to transform your home this Autumn

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Create a cosy atmosphere to snuggle up in this season with our expert tips and tricks...

1. Try Texture


When it comes to soft furnishings, there’s no such thing as too much. Interior designer Ria de Costa of Jeffreys Interiors suggests adding tactile layers to your selection: “Faux fur throws, velvet cushions, and soft, natural wools provide a sumptuous base to fall into at the end of the day.” Super soft fleece bed set from £28,faux fur throw from £40; handknitted cushion, £18; all Next

2. Be bold


Bring some colour into your home with upholstery in rich, dark tones. Whether it’s an ottoman, a lounge chair or a whole new sofa; a pop of colour can really brighten your room making it a much more welcoming place to relax when it’s cold and grey outside. Osaka sofa, £2425, Boconcept.

3. Enhance the hearth

Jeffreys Interiors

Dress up your fireplace with candles, antique finds, and framed pictures –even if you don’t have a fire, a festive mantelpiece –or even a floating shelf filled with little treasures -instantly makes a space feel cosier. Mantel dressed by Jeffreys interiors.

4. Raise your glass game


Lets be honest, we’re all going to be staying in and drinking a lot of red wine this season –and possibly the odd tumbler of whiskey to warm your cockles on a cold night too. Instead of making do with the whatever’s in your glass cupboard; make it a more luxurious experience with some chunky crystal low balls, roomy goblets and a luxurious decanter. Embossed decanter, £20; set of 4 embossed short tumbler glasses, £14; and Hexagon tray £25; all Next.

5. Switch up your scents

Jeffreys Interiors

“Don’t underestimate the part that scent can play in the styling of a room,” says Claire McLoughlin, Showroom Manager of Jeffreys Interiors. “Rich spices and woody notes along with heady florals help to warm a room. Our signature scent in the Stockbridge showroom is Oud Nobile by Dr Vranjes –made in Florence, the quality and scent throw of these diffusers surpasses any others we’ve tried.” Bedroom styled by Jeffrey’s Interiors.

6. Bring the Outside in

This Little House

Make the most of the rich Autumnal outdoors by using them to decorate your home. Edinburgh blogger Claire Stewart of This Little House likes to get the kids involved too: ‘On our family walk, our boys love to collect autumn’s fallen treasures which inspired this leaf garland for their rooms. If you pop a sealant on the leaves it stops them from drying out and makes the perfect decorative garland.”

7. Go faux

Floral Renegade

Flowers aren’t just for spring but keeping blooms looking perky when the heating’s turned up full can be a problem. Thankfully these days you can find faux flowers that look just as beautiful as the real thing –and a far cry from Granny’s favourites. Glasgow store Floral Renegade offers an impressive selection enhanced by positively edgy styling. Faux flowers by Floral Renegade; vase by Jolie Laid Ceramix.

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