Celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier shares 5 top tips for healthy hair in the sun

Celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier shares 5 top tips for healthy hair in the sun

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Ahead of his appearance at Life & Style Edinburgh on 05/06 May, we caught up with celebrity hairdresser to the stars, Jason Collier, to hear his five top tips for keeping hair healthy and happy in the sunshine...

Celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier shares 5 top tips for healthy hair in the su

1. Use the right products to protect your hair

When the weather gets warmer, at home or abroad, we all take precautions when it comes to our skin, applying SPF daily to stay protected.

But what about our hair? For beautifully nourished hair, wash with a moisturising shampoo and follow up with an oil-based conditioner to really hydrate those ends!

I also recommend using a daily SPF hair protecting spray in the summer; I really like AVEDA Sun Care Protective Hair Veil (£22.50, John Lewis) to help shield hair from damaging UV rays.


2. Treat yourself to a weekly masque

Masking is a luxury we should all enjoy more often – particularly during summer, when heat and exposure to the elements really plays havoc with our hair.

Once a week, slather an intense hair mask into your locks, such as Shea Moisture’s Raw Shea Butter Deep Treatment Masque (£10.99, Superdrug), which uses rich minerals and oils to nourish, smooth and seal the hair.

Massage into the hair and leave on for as long as possible before shampooing out, for shiny and hydrated locks.

3. Skip the heat!

During the summer, hair is already prone to drying out and becoming dull and lacklustre, so where you can, give your hair a rest and avoid heat styling as much as possible.

Try air-drying instead of blasting with the hairdryer; apply a leave-in styling cream and twist the hair into a few low buns while it dries, and then loosen out for soft, beachy waves.

If you really can’t face going without your beloved hairdryer or straighteners, use them sparingly and turn the heat right down.

Celebrity hairdresser Jason Collier shares 5 top tips for healthy hair in the su

4. Protect hair from the elements

Over the summer, your hair will be exposed to the elements time and time again; think salty seawater, drying out your ends, or chlorine damaging your colour.

Even the sun itself can leave hair feeling parched and in need of some TLC. So arm yourself with the tools to protect your hair, ensuring that it stays looking sleek and shiny all summer long.

Cover up with a chic hat when the sun is at its hottest, to protect your scalp as well as your locks. If you’re planning on hitting the pool, there’s a few steps you can take to prepare your hair here too.

Hair can only absorb so much water, so take advantage of the showers beside pools and beaches to soak hair in freshwater before diving into the pool – it’ll mean that hair won’t absorb as much damaging chlorinated or salt water.

And if you have bleached hair, don’t take the risk when it comes to your colour - slather on a deep conditioner and pop on a swimming cap prior to jumping in the pool. It might not look fabulous but your hair will afterwards!


5. Get a trim!

Ideally, both before and after your summer holidays, you should treat yourself to a little snip at the salon.

Pre-holiday, a trim will encourage hair to grow stronger and healthier, and post-sunshine, it will get rid of any dead, dry ends that have accumulated over the summer.

You should book in for a trim every other month throughout the year, but especially in summer, when your hair needs you to take control!


Jason will be appearing on the Lifestyle Stage at Edinburgh Life & Style on 05 and 06 May 2018, sharing his expert advice and demos for stylish hair.

Buy tickets at edinlifestyle.co.uk and find out more about Jason at jason-collier.co.uk or on Instagram @jasoncollierjc

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