The leg lift, tried and tested
1 Min
Claire Leighton heads to YourGP to try the leg lift - a beauty treatment that promises to get your pins in shape for summer. Cards on the table time: my legs are not my best feature. They have never been slender, long or toned. They are more of the solid reliable type, an oak tree rather than a willow if you like. So, any suggestion that their appearance could be...
leg lift / treatment / tried and tested
3 Mins
The i-on team samples spa treatments with a foodie twist... Best for chocoholics… “The Chocolate and Lime Escape at Edinburgh’s Radisson Blu hotel is the perfect treatment to completely...
treatments / Spa / Foodie
The Obagi Blue Peel Radiance: The latest beauty innovation
2 Mins
We’re always on the lookout for the latest innovations in the beauty world – anything that promises to leave us looking younger and positively glowing gets our full attention. So when we...
Obagi Blue Peel Radiance / beauty treatment / Anti-ageing
Beautiful brows: The microblading trend
1 Min
If like many of us, you foolishly over-plucked in your youth and your brows now lack oompf, this new beauty technique could be the answer. Get to grips with microblading right here... What...
microblading / eyebrows / treatment
Zen Lifestyle launches Zentime for Breast Cancer Awareness Month
1 Min
Everyone needs a little zentime - time to unwind and be pampered – and Zen Lifestyle reckon they’ve got it down to a fine art. They offer a range of spa treatments and therapeutic massages...
Zen Lifestyle / breast cancer awareness month / zentime
Cheat your way to a summer glow in winter
2 Mins
If your summer glow faded as fast as the temperature dropped this month, don’t worry. Winter doesn’t have to spell months of chapped lips and dry skin – YourGP offers a range of medical...
YourGP / microdermabrasion / lift-shape
Farewell comb over
1 Min
Once upon a time, male pattern baldness was just a fact of life that up to 50 per cent of men had to deal with. The options available to deal it were limited to a wig, boot polish on the...
Dr Nestor / Hair Transplant / Cosmetic Clinic
Laser hair removal at Thérapie Clinic
3 Mins
In our quest to never shave, pluck or wax again, we speak to Katie McGlade, co-owner of Thérapie Clinic which opens in Edinburgh and Glasgow this month, about the wonders of laser hair...
laser hair removal / Thérapie Clinic / salon treatment