Rory Hutton's Glasgow

Rory Hutton's Glasgow

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Winner of the i-on Breakthrough Award for Design, Rory Hutton talks city style, tenements and dapper bow ties...

How did you get into fashion?
I went to art school to be a painter and came out a fashion designer. I fell in love with the design process. But I still think of myself as an artist, I love that my art can be worn. I think of my pocket squares as little paintings in my pocket.

Why did you start your label?
I wanted to bring charm to a world of sameness. My designs are playful, they delight and encourage smiles, what could be better than that? 

Rory Hutton's Glasgow - bow ties

Why bow ties?
My grandfather died before I was born so I only knew him from a black and white photograph on my grandmother’s mantelpiece; he was wearing a dinner jacket and bow tie. I thought he looked like a Hollywood star and I wanted to wear bow ties when I grew up. I also design other men’s accessories including socks and pocket squares but bow ties have become my signature.

What do you think of Glasgow’s fashion scene?
Glasgow is an edgy city with a rich design heritage and its full of creativity. I love people watching here - there is a lot more individuality than in some cities, especially around the Art School.

Rory Hutton's Glasgow

Where in Glasgow do you live?
I live in a tenement flat on the South side; I love the old flats with their stone fronts, high ceilings, big windows and ornate plasterwork. I lived in cramped flats in London for seven years so I feel like I live in a mansion now.

Best and worst things about the city?
Glasgow is full of amazing historic architecture. I’ve become something of an expert on 19th century Glasgow architect Alexander ‘Greek’ Thomson since moving here. I’m even considering designing a Greek Thomson collection. The worst thing about the city is that a lot of the magnificent old buildings are in terrible repair, I would love to rescue one. 

Sum Glasgow up in three words:
Friendly, historic, edgy.

Glasgow's Best Bits

Drinks? CCA

Brunch? Bread Meats Bread

Cheap eats? Victoria Cafe at GSA

Shopping? Princes Square

Quick escape? The Kibble Palace at the Botanic Gardens

Art? The Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery

Night out? The Oyster Bar at The Rogano - the art deco interiors provide the perfect backdrop to show off a fine bow tie.

Discover Rory’s eponymous accessory collection at

Rory Hutton / Glasgow / i-on Breakthrough Awards 2017

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