Watch servicing at Laing Edinburgh
3 Mins
When my dad told me that he had just collected his watch from its service, I looked at him with a blank expression. ‘A service?’ He explained to me the importance of watch servicing and my attention turned to my own timepiece; my stylish Breitling which hadn’t seen the inside of a jewellers for the best part of 10 years. My watch was gradually losing time, an indication that a...
laing edinburgh / watch servicing / breitling
Valentine’s Day surprises at Topman
2 Mins
This one’s for the guys that never learn. You know who you are. The ones whose partners drop hint after hint for a full two weeks at the beginning of every February yet who still fail on...
Topman / valentine's day / style
2 Mins
In our quest to get to know the names behind Scotland’s top blogs, we talk with John Robertson, editor and creator of The Everyday Man , the style blog that became his full-time job in 2014...
John Robertson / The Everyday Man / Men's Fashion
1 Min
Save your pennies by mixing directional high street pieces with designer mainstays to stay seasonal and stylish without breaking the bank. Round lens sunglasses Main image, above Topman...
menswear / fashion / trainers
The definitive guide to killing it in a kilt
5 Mins
With St Andrew’s Day, Hogmanay and a flurry of weddings on the horizon, there’s been chat amongst the men in the i-on office about investing in a decent kilt. Sure, they know a thing or two...
Highlandwear / kilts / menswear
Men's November fashion fix
1 Min
We take a look at the latest fashion pieces to add to your wardrobe this autumn. American Innovation For the fifth year running, GQ magazine partners with Gap to create a capsule collection...
fashion / menswear / accessories
Eye on Cragg & Tail
3 Mins
As with any profession no matter your field, it always pays to have a "side hustle" to balance out the normalcy of the nine to five. For Edinburgh's own budding entrepreneur Craig McKellar...
Cragg & Tail / menswear / fashion
Autumn Kicks
1 Min
Kit your feet out in style - we reveal the latest trends in men's footwear. Star Trainers Dune have done a damn fine job with the latest menswear collection but we’re loving the £80 Tricks...
menswear / shoes / fashion
Men’s Autumn Fashion Fix
1 Min
Farer Frobisher II Named after Martin Frobisher – a British explorer famous for his pioneering voyages to the New World in search of new lands and valuable treasures. Farer watches are...
fashion / Autumn / menswear
A man's guide to Highland dress
2 Mins
Got an invitation to a formal event and thinking of going all out with full head-to-toe Highland attire? We’ve enlisted the help of David Hughes, a guy who knows a thing or two about tartan...
Highland dress / kilts / formalwear