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Murad and Natalia Osmann are the creators of the #FollowMeTo photos, video guides and website. You know the ones, they’re the gorgeous couple whose hand holding travel photos went spectacularly viral, inspiring exploration across the world.

How did the project start?
In Barcelona during our first trip together, we took a long walk around the city, and Murad did a random frame when I tried to distract him and pulled him by the arm. Looking at the picture, we decided it was a good idea and posted it with the hashtag #FollowMeTo on Instagram.

You seemed to blow up almost overnight?
Friends and relatives were our only fans for the first year, it was our favourite hobby. Then someone wrote about the project on Reddit and it began to gain popularity, then the Daily Mail and The Sun wrote about us on their front pages and we started collaborations with Google, Michael Kors and other big brands, there was a huge viral effect.

What’s been your favourite place to visit?
India - our place of power! We have been there many times, but every time we open it in a new way. During our last trip we played Indian wedding in a traditional style with dances and outfits.

What’s been the best moment?
Wedding! The proposal, pre-wedding bustle and the #FollowMeTo picture from the ceremony, which was one of the most popular shots in the history of the project.

Have you had any scary experiences?
The picture from a helicopter over Los Angeles, our mission was to lean out of the helicopter right at that moment when we were above the Hollywood sign with the helicopter doors open and our seatbelts loosened. It was really dangerous, NOT cool.

What’s been your most popular post?
Most viral was the Taj Mahal photo. We came to the square at 4 am hoping to take a picture of an empty area, but there was already a crowd of tourists. While we took a picture, our friends kept people out of frame so that we could shoot the building without people.

Top three travel tips?

Wake up early so you have time to see all the interesting things.

Meet the local people, they’re the most valuable source of knowledge.

Travel with your loved ones, then nothing will disappoint you.

Where and what’s next for you?
We hope the project will develop. The team is now actively working to create video content and interesting routes for the followmeto.travel site because we want to tell more about our travels behind the scenes.

See more at followmeto.travel 

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