Top 10 most awesome jobs ever

Top 10 most awesome jobs in the world

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Tempted to ditch the day job? Rebecca McCosh rounds up 10 awesome alternative careers.

How’s your morning of responding to endless emails working out for you? Finished that mind-numbingly boring spreadsheet yet? If being tied to your desk is driving you doolally, read on. We’ve compiled a list of 10 of the most awesome jobs in the world. Just imagine handing in your notice and telling your boss you’re off to Dubai to be a waterslide tester. It could happen. With the help of Floridatix we’ve scoured the globe and listed the location, salary and job requirements for 10 dream jobs. Plus, we’ve thrown in a random nugget of knowledge relevant to each industry should you make it through to the interview stage and wish to impress. Take a look then go brush up your CV. Life’s too short for spreadsheets.


Island Keeper


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Job requirements: Ever been tempted to apply for Castaway, Shipwrecked or Eden? Why live the Ben Fogle life for just one TV series when you could live it forever on your very own island? All you need is a resourceful attitude and decent snorkelling skills.
Salary: £78,000 per annum
Location: Australia
Key fact: In 1962, former newspaper editor, Brendon Grimshaw of Yorkshire bought Moyenne Island in the Seychelles for £8,000. It’s now worth millions.


Dog Surfing Coach

Job requirements: Professional dog surfing coaches (yes, you read that right) must be SGB/ISA approved, obviously they must be great with animals and have a love of the outdoors.
Salary: £51 per hour
Location: California, USA
Key fact: Hundreds of dogs from all over the world gather on Huntington Beach, California each September to compete for the ultimate California Surf Dog Trophy at the Annual Surf City Surf Dog Contest.


Lego Sculptor

Job requirements: The applicant must be dexterous, demonstrate attention to detail, and have enough self-control not to go crazy when a four year old kid knocks over your $15,000 Lego sculpture. Watch the video above for the case in point.
Salary: £8.20 per hour
Location: Denmark
Key fact: Legoland Windsor is made up of no less than 55 million bricks.


Senior Scuba Instructor



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Job requirements: As a wise lobster once sang ‘Darling it’s better down where it’s wetter, under the sea’ so scrub up on your knowledge of diving theory and first aid skills, and make sure your PADI certifications are up to date if you want to land this job.
Salary: £27,500 per annum
Location: Caribbean
Key fact: Did you know that once you dive deeper than 10m, you can’t see red or yellow? So if you injure yourself, your blood will look blue. An interesting fact to remember when succumbing to a shark attack.


Toy Designer


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Job requirements: Unlike in the film Big where Tom Hanks’ character got snapped up by a major toy company whilst larking around in a toy store, it’s now fairly common for toy designers to have undergraduate degrees in Industrial Design. You’ll also need excellent drawing skills, a colourful imagination and an ability to think outside the box.
Salary: £40,000 per annum
Location: California, USA
Key fact: At the height of their popularity in the late ‘90s, Furbies were banned from the office of the National Security Agency of the United States for fear they would record and repeat sensitive information.


Rollercoaster Engineer


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Job requirements: You’ll need a degree in Structural, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, knowledge of CAD software, and strong analytical skills. The upside (or should that be the loop-the-loop-upside-downside?) of all this studying is that you’ll get to ride rollercoasters all over the world and get paid for it.
Salary: £60,000 per annum
Location: Florida, USA
Key fact: One of the most famous rollercoaster engineers, Ron Toomer, suffered from motion sickness and couldn’t go on more than 80 of the rides he designed.


Outback Adventurer


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Job requirements: If you fancy yourself as the next Aussie version of Bear Grylls, you’ll need to display an adventurous nature, a passion for the outdoors and a keen sense of resourcefulness. Ability to do impressions of Mick ‘That’s not a knife, this is a knife’ Dundee optional.
Salary: £52,000 per annum
Location: Australia
Key fact: The Australian Outback is more than 2.5 million square miles in size. In fact, it’s so large it’s home to several different climate zones.


Waterslide Tester


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Job requirements: A thrill-seeker with a head for heights and a stomach for travelling at high speeds. (Oh, and they didn’t actually mention this, but we reckon an ability to swim might come in useful too.)
Salary: £20,000 per annum
Location: Dubai, Emirates
Key fact: Wondering where to find the longest waterslide in the world? There’s a 2000ft long beast of a slide at Action Park in New Jersey.


Great Barrier Reef Caretaker


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Job requirements: Education-wise, you’ll require a BSc in Marine Biology. A passion for preserving nature is also essential, after all you’ll be responsible for looking after the largest living thing on Earth.
Salary: £36,500 per annum
Location: Australia
Key fact: If you land this job, make sure you watch out for the Australian Box Jellyfish, their venom is amongst the deadliest in the world.


Ice Cream Taster


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Job requirements: The ice cream world is serious business so you’re going to need a Bachelor of Science in Dairy Science or Food Science. Applicants must also have healthy tastebuds (so no smokers please, you’ve fried yours).
Salary: £41,000 per annum
Location: Italy
Key fact: Professional ice cream taster, John Harrison, reckons he’s sampled almost 200 million gallons of ice cream during his career.


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