Siesta Key
9 Mins
Sarah Johnston heads to Florida in search of a family holiday with a difference... The Sunshine State has been unfairly pigeonholed in recent years, written off as a predictably packaged family holiday destination with Orlando its biggest draw - the theme park capital of the world and the honeypot that draws most of the 90 million visitors each year. But, dig below the shiny surface and Florida offers a whole...
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Escape to Nicaragua
6 Mins
Don’t tell anyone but Siri Elise Dybdal just might have found your next dream holiday . Here's the lowdown on her secret escape to Nicaragua... Costa Rica has long been a popular tourist...
nicaragua / travel review / holiday
Vietnam: The ultimate travel guide
10 Mins
Anna Matheson discovers the best of Vietnam in an action-packed two-week trip . Check out her must-dos, must-sees and must-buys... Fly into capital city Hanoi The centre of Vietnam’s...
vietnam / Travel / review
The Wanderlust Life
2 Mins
For most, it’s a bit of bi-annual escapism and recuperation. But at the other end of the scale there’s those who’ve fully succumbed to the power of wanderlust, for whom travel is a constant...
Travel / photography / wanderlust
New York: Travel review
3 Mins
I’ve always been a forward planner. That’s why it was so uncharacteristic of me to agree to a last minute girlie weekend trip to New York. Caught up in the moment, and in the mindset of you...
New York / Travel / review
10 magical facts about Walt Disney
2 Mins
This year marks 50 years since the passing of Walt Disney, the visionary behind the Disney World in Florida. By way of celebration, Kenwood Travel , has compiled some interesting facts you...
Disney World / Florida / Walt Disney
Northern Lights
7 Mins
The ethereal dancing light phenomenon known as aurora borealis (translates as dawn of the north) can be viewed from vantage points across the northern hemisphere. Dean Newton takes a look...
Northern Lights / Travel / Iceland
Top 10 destinations for intrepid family travel
5 Mins
Looking for a little travel inspiration? Rebecca McCosh counts downs her top 10 alternative family holiday ideas. Family holidays. Whilst these two words may once have conjured up images of...
Family holiday / Travel / top destinations