Orkney and Shetland
4 Mins
The Shetland and Orkney Islands are a land filled with wonder and offer the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the city Dating back millennia and with a history forged between the kingdoms of Scotland and Scandinavia, Orkney and Shetland are treasure troves of history, wildlife, culture and wilderness that are unlike anything offered by the mainland. The allure of the Northern Isles has guided...
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Rijksmuseum I amsterdam Letter - Koen Smilde Photography
6 Mins
Holly Tracey discovers the cultured side of the Netherlands' captial With its pretty waterways, flurry of cyclists and vibrant canal houses, Amsterdam feels a lot like you’ve stepped...
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Visit Scotland
9 Mins
Forget the long-haul flight, here are six great reasons why Team i-on will be heading south this summer, without a border in sight... ...glamp out to the max "If yurts and wigwams are your...
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The Bonnie Badger
5 Mins
Jo Morris checks in to The Bonnie Badger, Gullane It was as I was cutting into my perfectly poached egg during breakfast - having already been served an enormous feast of pastries, meats,...
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Glacier Hiking Arcanum
6 Mins
Tracey McCallum discovers there’s much more to Iceland than the Northern Lights With a population of only 338, 000, this cool and quirky island receives over two million visitors a year –...
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Loch Ness
3 Mins
Amy Falconer discovers a charming food haven in Loch Ness Situated at the southern tip of Loch Ness in the pretty town of Fort Augustus lies The Lovat , an old Victorian hotel with a...
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7 Mins
Jo Morris gets on her e-bike and falls for Jersey Before my trip to Jersey I knew exactly what it would be like. As any self-respecting person who grew up in the ‘80s knows, Jersey is a...
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9 Mins
No island in the British Isles compares to the beauty, charm and tranquility of Scotland’s Northern Isles. The magical archipelagos of Orkney and Shetland are a true sight to behold with...
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