My Dad Wrote a Porno
7 Mins
He did what...?! The trio behind the smash-hit podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno , chat Dad-porn, sell-out live shows and what it's like to run the world's filthiest book club... Where did the idea for the podcast come from? Jamie Morton (JM) : My recently retired father sent me the first three chapters of an erotic novel he’d been writing in the garden shed called Belinda Blinked. I showed...
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Read our latest issue online: January 2018
< 1 Min
Happy New Year to you! Now that our Hogmanay hangovers are behind us, we can embrace January and the new beginnings it brings. If you’re in the market for a major health change, check out...
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Guestlist: The clubs you'll want to get in to this January - Celtic Connections
1 Min
Just because it's January, that doesn't mean the party has to stop... BIG FISH LITTLE FISH When? 07 January Where? Drygate, Glasgow Who? Paul Reset of D’n’B night Livevevil takes over at...
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Ashley Storrie's Glasgow
4 Mins
Young stand-up Ashley Storrie on the Calton, comedy heroes and crossing the lines... How did you get involved in comedy? My mother is a comedian and I’ve spent over half my life watching...
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Comedian Lucy Porter asks - is anger healthy?
3 Mins
Comedian Lucy Porter on why she wants to learn to let the anger out... I’d always thought my parents had the perfect marriage; they never argued and snuggled up on the sofa most nights with...
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Comedian John Robins on anger management
3 Mins
Could anger actually be good for us? Comedian John Robins on why he’s mostly angry at himself… I don’t think of myself as an angry person, and I certainly don’t get angry with people to...
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Comedian Mark Nelson on fatherhood
6 Mins
Glasgow comedian Mark Nelson on the day-to-day reality of fatherhood. What makes a good father? If you actually bother to read the countless baby books, you’ll hear the usual things: a...
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15 random and unbelievable facts
2 Mins
Avoid an awkward lull in conversation – simply throw in a few of these random (yet completely true) facts and blow someone’s mind. Easyfairs asked some packaging convention visitors for...
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