Ashley Storrie's Glasgow

Ashley Storrie's Glasgow

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Young stand-up Ashley Storrie on the Calton, comedy heroes and crossing the lines...

How did you get involved in comedy?
My mother is a comedian and I’ve spent over half my life watching comedy, being around comedians or working in comedy. Making people laugh is the only thing I’m good at.

What separates you from everyone else in Glasgow who thinks they’re a comedian?
I know it’s work. I get up there and in my head, I want to do a good job. I want to make people laugh and I know that just “being me” isn’t going to cut it all the time.

Who is your comedy hero?
The late great Victoria Wood. My comedy is nothing like hers but I love her nonetheless.

Is there any line you don’t think should be crossed in comedy?
Nah, just remember that for everything you do and say, there’s going to be an equal and opposite reaction - that reaction is usually an angry person on Twitter or being banned from a club.

Where’s your favourite place to gig in Glasgow?
The Stand gave me my first real shot and it’s a lovely club to play.

Stravaigin GlasgowStravaigin, Glasgow

Where’s your favourite area in the city?  
I love the West End. People dress how they want, nearly everyone’s got a cool dog you can cuddle, there’s a million bars and restaurants; something for everyone.

Where would you take visitors to show them the real Glasgow?
The Calton: it’s where I was born and raised. It’s full of character and history — a palace for the people, the Barrowlands, The Glasgow Green. It’s a magical place and really showcases us as people.

What would make the city a stronger attraction?
We don’t really do “attractions”. There’s no real tourist traps I can think of other than like three tartan shops in the city centre. It’s our authenticity and ‘take us or leave us’ attitude that makes Glasgow such a fun place to visit.

Explode a myth about Glasgow.
I grew up believing Glaswegians were the most violent, drunken, scary human beings in all of Britain, then I toured the north of England and realised they’ve got WAY crazier cities. Glasgow might be a little rough around the edges but we’re freaking delightful.

Glasgow’s best bits

For coffee?

For drinks with pals?

For pizza?
Bella Vita

For posh nosh?
Turnip and Enjo

For cheap eats?
Bar Bloc

For Friday night out?

For Sunday Brunch?

For people watching?
The Chip on Ashton Lane

Ashley Storrie: Morning Glory is at the Edinburgh Fringe until 27 August. For tickets, visit

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